Kevin Gates' comments about Beyonce have been reacted by fans

Kevin Gates' comments about Beyonce have been reacted by fans ...

Super General was released earlier this month, and rapper Kevin Gates spoke last week about the songs Beyonce-related lyrics. Just before the Lemonade star released her most recent hit, Break My Soul, he made an appearance.

Some people are now interested in learning what he said in Super General''s Beyonce lyrics.

Kevin Gates released Super General earlier this month (9 June) as a freestyle over the Kodak Blacks song Super Gremlin.

In his freestyle version of the song, Nicki Minaj and Rubi Rose are seen. Beyonce also mentioned Queen Bey.

He fantasizes of having sex with Beyonce and even having her urinate on his genitalia in the songs, which are perceived as rather poignant.

Don''t know if they are into swingin, but Beyonce should let me hit her, according to the lyrics. Make her p**s all on this d**k, respectfully, her body shiver.

The complete lyrics are available here. Although explicit words have been previously believed to be used.

In an interview with The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Kevin Gates talked about Beyonce''s lyrics a week after Super General''s release.

At one point, he was asked about his Beyonce conversation with the rapper, and he continues to explain why he included it.

Cuing all of the necessary respect, the country is one of the world''s most stunning women, according to him.

The rapper claimed that youre the most beautiful woman in the world like I''d eat your p**s.

Following his recent appearance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast and his appearance of Super General, Twitter users criticized the rapper for his remarks.

One commenter said that a snippet of Kevin Gates'' freestyle and that bar on Beyonce is profusely disrespectful. Brother, that''s someone''s wife.

Kevin Gates would leave Beyonce alone, according to another. Another third continued, but I am just disgusted like what? he stated he would drink Beyonce''s pee.

Kevin Gates said he''ll consume Beyonce''s Piss, but what''s wrong with these Clowns? Smh, one that''s another man''s Wife, and two why would you drink Piss period? Although, we''re all impressed by Weirdo nigga.

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