After a week of shutdown, Google News reopens in Spain

After a week of shutdown, Google News reopens in Spain ...

On Wednesday, Alphabet reopened Google News in Spain, eight years after shutting down the service due to a Spanish law forcing the company and other news aggregators to pay publishers for ignoring snippets of their information.

Last year, Madrid proposed European Union copyright standards, which were revised in 2020, to be effective legislation, allowing media outlets to negotiate directly with the technology giant.

Google''s announcement that it would reopen Google News in the following year prompted the move.

In a blog post, Google News celebrates the global 20th anniversary of Google News, which has taken a break for nearly eight years.

She said she planned to begin the Google News Showcase, which is a platform for paying news publishers, as soon as possible in Spain.

During the week, Alphabets Google made a series of commitments, including one from a copyright organization intended to compensate news publishers for their use of online content.

A EUR-500 million (about Rs. 4,120 crore) fine it had imposed on Google last year was now effective, as the US internet giant had dropped an appeal against it. Google paid the fine last year.

The decisions have put an end to the authority''s investigation against Google, which has agreed to conduct discussions with news agencies and other publishers to pay for their use.

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