Nipsey Hussles' Grand Opening The MarathonCollective

Nipsey Hussles' Grand Opening The MarathonCollective ...

On Saturday (June 18), the estate of Nipsey Hussle and his brother, Samiel Blacc Sam Asghedom, inaugurated the doors of The Marathon Collective, a premier THC and CBD retail dispensary in the Los Angeles area. A cheap Nip memorabilia is included in the store, including his 2020 Grammy for Best Rap Performance, and a plaque for his certified Platinum debut studio album, Victory Lap.

The Marathon (Cultivation) has opened its doors just days after the release of a documentary about Nip and Sams'' journey behind their multi-million-dollar cannabis company, which depicts products Nip had established and developed for years as a marijuana fan.

Blacc Sam explained to VIBE that Hussle was a ni**a who knows everything from the top to the bottom, the smell, the feel, how high it will get you, how fast it will last, and how long it will last. So, we always wanted to see where he was getting it. That''s why Hussle was also a big fan of marijuana.

Sam, their sister, Samantha Smith, their father Dawit Asghedom, Nips partner Lauren London, and other relatives, friends, and supporters gathered at the historic Canoga Park location on Saturdays ribbon-cutting to honor Neighborhood Nip, while preserving his dreams and legacy.

After years of illegally selling marijuana in their Slauson Tees shop before the 2014 raid that worried their father, Sam shared that he, Nip, and the late Stephen Fatts Donelson began the process around 2017. I saw them progressing and I always tried to guide them as a father, but the rest of it, they did it themselves, according to Dawit. I am grateful that they did not give them any credit.

They were all planning to carry out this for a long time, but at that time it was illegal. Still, they did it in hiding with the t-shirts. When we arrived in Crenshaw, I was always concerned, but now I was delighted, because what Sam and his team, Adam, and all of them, they are continuing to do. So, they''re keeping his dreams [alive] and that he''s happy with him.

Jorge JP Pineche, the founder of Sam and TMC, talked about how the various brands under TMC coexist, the whole company''s vision, their new brick-and-mortar location, and their journey from then to today.

After Nipsey''s wedding in December 2010, the Marathon Concept evolved from musical to TMC.

Continually, those three initials, those three letters have planted themselves to the branded cannabis space with The Marathon Collective, where we sell it. I mean, the aim is really to continue to provide quality products and experiences for people. So, I mean, we always valued the concept of brand rather than business. So, whatever we do, we always realize that it is kept to a certain standard.

Sam expressed his willingness to keep the various brands separate when talking.

Hussle wanted the clothing brand to be not a marijuana supply or a marijuana clothing store. He was so proud of himself. We [made] sure there are two distinct structures, two distinct IPs. We [prove] that Marathon Collective is strictly marijuana. So, we take that from Hussle. He didn''t even want us to do Marathon OG shirts. He was on us (laughs).

Nips brother said how finally they can breathe. It was a long-term dream, but we''re happy with it, he said.

Nipsey always believed in expanding at home [] And then in other states, as the laws change and everything is changed to the future, which is cannabis.

Here''s how to get an inside look at the dispensary.

The Marathon Collective is open daily from 6 a.m. PT until 10 p.m. PT. See the video from The Marathon (Cultivation).

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