Danni Sanders, who is she in Not Okay, and who is she?

Danni Sanders, who is she in Not Okay, and who is she? ...

The teaser for the film Not Okay starring Zoey Deutch, Dylan OBrien, and Mia Isaac has just dropped. Here''s what we know about Danni Sanders, the unlikable female protagonist.

As it follows her tense journey and unexpected decline, the Zoeys character has a lot to offer in the film.

Through her realistic representation, viewers have developed a lot of interest in the lead character. Since then, they are wondering if Danni is there in real life.

Who is Danni Sanders and is she real?

In Not Okay, Danni is described as an eccentric Instagram influencer with a shady reputation.

As per Deadlines'' description of the character, she is an aimless aspiring writer with no friends, no romantic chances, and worst of all no followers, who fakes a trip to Paris for clout.

Zoey introduced her to the world in July 2021, and she posted a picture of herself as Danni from the film, in which she takes a selfie.

The film focuses on a fictional character who appears to be created for the project alone. That means that her character does not exist in real life.

Warning: This film has a female protagonist who is unlike him.

Meet the cast

Along with Zoey, Dylan and Mia are directing the film.

Although Mia is seen as Rowan, a real trauma survivor who becomes friends with Danni, Dylan portrays Colin, who is romantically involved with Zoeys'' character.

Along with Karan Soni, Brenna Brown, and Nadia Alexander, the rest of the cast are cast members.

The release of Not Okay will be released on July 29.

Fans react to the fake influencer

Danni may not be real, but fans want to see Zoeys'' character, who is turning heads with her aces.

Were so close to meeting Danni Sanders Im not ready, he has tweeted one enthusiastic fan.

Another added: Danni Sanders is me on every level!

She''s a ten-year-old but she lied to the internet so she might be famous #cancelDanniSanders, and she wrote another with an opposing view.

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