Update Time and Server Maintenance Schedule for the Valuable Have Been Confirmed

Update Time and Server Maintenance Schedule for the Valuable Have Been Confirmed ...

After maintenance on Riot servers, the Valorant update date is scheduled for later today.

Valorant 5.0 is set to be a significant revamp, adding a number of new features and removing at least one large map.

The most eye-catching change is the introduction of Pearl, a new map set in a small town found under the ocean''s waves.

Riot Games has confirmed that a Pearl-only queue will be available for two weeks, and only after that Pearl will enter Competitive. Here''s what we''ve found so far about today''s Valorant Update Times and maintenance schedule.

Update Time and 5.0 Update Schedule are all useful.

Riot Games has confirmed that they will be selling Valorant update 5.0 on North American servers starting at 6am PT on Wednesday, June 22, 2021. It will be a process of maintenance that will last a few hours, meaning fans will have to wait until servers are back online later on June 22.

The game will be unavailable for an upcoming patch deployment at 06/22/2022 20:00 PDT. This Acts Competitive queue is coming soon. Check your Act Rank tab for certain times.

There''s a lot to see under the sea. What part of Pearl are you most excited to explore? pic.twitter.com/dBLeM4w5OP

Pearl was encased in a Radianite-infused polycarbonate created by a company called Kingdom Industries. Split is being removed from Valorant on June 22 due to changes to the map pool. Split will start with Patch 5.0 (June 22).

It should be noted that no date has been set for its return, meaning we do not know when it will be back. Split will also exit the map rotation at esports events after the LCQs in August, leaving Split out in the cold for a good while. Why has Riot Games chosen Split to break the cycle?

Riot Games will be sharing information on the new Valorant update on Wednesday, June 22, on all compatible PC platforms.

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