Two weeks after splitting, Michael B. Jordan removes all trace of Ex Lori Harvey from the IG

Two weeks after splitting, Michael B. Jordan removes all trace of Ex Lori Harvey from the IG ...

Michael B. Jordan has seemingly confirmed that he and Lori Harvey called it quits after about 18 months of dating, removing all traces of her from his Instagram page. On June 4, Michael had reported that the 35-year-old actor and his 25-year-old actor followed Lori up. However, Lori took hers away. Michaels latest Instagram post (seen below) reveals his mother and other children in his life.

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A source close to Michael and Loris'' inner circle claimed to HollywoodLife that their friends were completely stunned when they discovered they had broken up. They felt like they had been the perfect couple and they couldn''t believe they had decided to go their ways, according to the insider. It''s really sad because everybody thought they were so adorable and loved it.

On the June 6 episode of his radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Loris'' famous father said on the news of his daughters'' breakup. Its difficult to be young and in the limelight, as long as everybody gets to walk away in peace and make friendships. I aint heard nobody say they busted no windows or nothing.

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In an interview with People, Steve manifested his support for the relationship. Its the first time Ive been happy for her [in a relationship], and she said of his daughters romance. He is just a good guy. He''s just a good guy. He''s just a great family, guy.

While Steve did not seem to hold any offence following his daughters'' disengagement from the Without Remorseactor, Loris'' mother, Marjorie Harvey, wore a dark robe on her Instagram Story, saying, "You sit in st for too long, it stops smelling." So come the outta there. Just two days after Lori and the Black Panther actor went their separate ways.

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Despite their disagreements with Lori and Michael''s words, they seem to be keeping their Instagram page doing the job.

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