Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year podcasting agreement

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year podcasting agreement ...

Michelle Obama and Barack ObamasHigher Groundenjoyed success on Spotify, the popular streaming platform. After sharing ways with the Stockholm-based audio streaming platform, they have now found a new website for their podcast.

According to Deadline, the Obamas manufacturing company has signed an exclusive, multiyear first-look agreement withAudible. The move comes shortly after their withdrawal from Spotify, where they signed a deal back in 2019.

Higher Ground has created aseveral significant audio series, including Renegades: Born in the USAwith Bruce Springsteen. Today, Amazon has helped the production company, and their content is expected to reach wider audience levels than Spotify.

After a million dollar transaction, former US President Obama had just a few words to share with the fans. Michelle Obama is also interested in developing the new book Higher Ground with Audible.

President Obama said Audible is invested in developing a vision that enables people to be heard. I am looking forward to collaboration with them to produce stories that are both fun and engaging.

We are so grateful for the opportunities we have had to present at Higher Ground, and there is no one we would rather write our next chapter with than Audible. Together, we will continue to endeavor to make compelling, provocative, and soulful stories accessible to the public. Michelle Obama has added that she has done everything she can to ensure that her stories reach the audiences she needs.

With a so many features on the Audibles catalog, the Amazon-owned company is sure to hold a strong place in the audio streaming space. Another thing fans should look forward to is the addition of new features to the deal.

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