Newsletter of Bustle: June 21, 2022

Newsletter of Bustle: June 21, 2022 ...

The 2022 Pride Yearbook is now available.

We asked LGBTQ+ celebs to explain how they feel about ongoing discrimination against trans students (in the last two years, state legislatures have introduced over 300 anti-transgender legislation) and what they want to say to students who are depressed in today''s political climate. I urge all trans kids out there to read through the questions and answers carefully to learn about their favorite songs from high school and their self-care routines. Read More

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Summer''s Sultriest Makeup Trend: How To Nail It

Gothic makeup patterns are popping up everywhere since the Kravis wedding/Dolce & Gabbana sponcon event of the century. Simple yet high contrast, goth-inspired glam typically features smoky eyes, edgy eyeliner, little to no contour, and dark lips heres how to recreate the look without looking like your emo middle school self. Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Just Wore The Famous Cut-Out Dress From Pretty Woman

Plan B rapper visited Ibiza recently for a luxurious getaway, revealing that body-ody-ody throughout the film, particularly when she donned a burnt orange version of the iconic cut-out dress from the film.

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Hayley Kiyoko Is Having a Cry Sesh

I''m stuck with these at-home workout classes that are substantially cheaper than a gym membership.

The platform offers both live and on-demand classes in a wide variety of disciplines, from strength training to cardio to pilates, and everything in between. Bonus: the aesthetic is similar to that of assuming all sessions took place in an extended Hotline Bling multiverse. Read More


Here''s How to Find Your Daily Horoscope

Happy solstice. Read more about it.

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