Onuoha says his shameful Spurs move is to leave

Onuoha says his shameful Spurs move is to leave ...

According to Nedum Onuoha, it''s a shame that Tottenham and Chelsea''s next goal, Raheem Sterling, will leave Manchester United this summer.

Sterling has been a great player for Manchester City over the years, according to the former midfielder.

Sterling is expected to become available in the summer transfer market in 2022, but it has alerted a number of clubs, including those in his hometown of London.

Chelsea are leading the race ahead of Tottenham to sign the England international, though.

As Onuoha talked about his future, he will return to Man City as a Man City legend.

According to Onuoha, it''s a savage move. I understand it. He has been such a well-known player for the club in decades.

While some people say shouldnt someone be playing instead of him during the last two seasons, they argue.

I believe this must be a difficult task for him to be in. It''s a matter of fact that he has signed a contract, and it''s only one year left for him. I think, for Man City, this is a player who wants to play more football, then they must make an informed decision.

It''s a shame because he has scored over 100 goals for Manchester City, and he has played a significant part in their success over the years.


Sterlings form has dropped in the last two seasons, but that''s true.

When you set the standards he has, then even his so-called drop-off seasons are much better than others.

From his 96 games in all competitions, he has scored 31 goals and provided 18 assists in the last two seasons.

The decrease came from the previous season when he scored 31 points in 52 and 25, just off the top of 51, the season prior to that.

He may sign a game changer, but it is also a statement of intention if Sterling ends up.

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