In the space of 36 hours, SpaceX launched and launched three rockets

In the space of 36 hours, SpaceX launched and launched three rockets ...

In less than two days, SpaceX completed a hat-trick of spaceflight missions, causing concern over employee displeasure.

The most recent launch took place on Sunday, June 19, when a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Florida''s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 12:27 a.m. EDT (0427 GMT) and dipped a Globalstar communications satellite into orbit.

The busy launch schedule will continue in the coming months, and SpaceX hopes to send its fully-reusable Starship rocket into orbit later this summer.

A hat-trick of successful SpaceX launches

The first stage rocket, used for the Globalstar mission, completed a vertical landing on a SpaceX droneship ''Just Read The Instructions'' off the coast of Florida just ten minutes after liftoff.The satellite was placed into orbit 1 hour and 50 minutes after the launch. has been confirmed that Globalstar FM15 was deployed.

The Globalstar satellite launch was the third in a matter of hours in a row. On June 17, a private space company launched 53 Starlink internet satellites from NASA''s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and on June 18, it launched a radar satellite for the German military from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

It''s also worth mentioning that the Friday Starlink flight set a new reusability record for SpaceX. The Falcon 9 first stage that had the most recent batch of internet satellites into orbit was first launched and landed back on Earth for the 13th time.

SpaceX president stamps out employee dissent

Anyone who has been following the news of employee dissent at SpaceX will know that this busy day, culminating in the possibility of Starship, was a focal point for company presidentGwynne Shotwell when she said a recent open letter expressing her concern about CEO Elon Musk was a distraction from the "critical work" at SpaceX.

"We have 3 launches within 37 hours for critical satellites this weekend," she wrote in a company-wide email, referring to the open letter penned by SpaceX employees. "We must assist the astronauts we shipped to the ISS and get cargo Dragon back to the flight-ready, and after receiving environmental approval early this week, we are on the verge of the first orbital launch attempt of Starship."

The first stage of the Falcon 9s has begun on the A Shortfall of Gravitas droneship, which is marking SpaceX''s first 13th launch of a first stage booster and its 100th successful mission with a proven orbital class rocket!

This year, SpaceX has launched 26 launches, including a new orbital launch.

While Falcon 9''s reusability has been a major step for the space industry, it only replicates the rocket''s first phase. SpaceX''s Starship will take spaceflight reusability to a new level as the entire launch vehicle will be able to land and be reused after launch. That''s unless Musk and his unbridled ego, after all, recentlyreferred to Starship as a "very modern Noah''s Ark."

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