The PlayStation 5 version of custom watercooled is less than an inchthick

The PlayStation 5 version of custom watercooled is less than an inchthick ...

Matt from DIY Perks has recently removed the still-in-short-supply PS5 and is attempting to reduce it''s weight. The standard PS5 measures 4.1 inches thick, but Matt wants it to fall to less than one inch (0.79 inches, depending on how long) the goal is to completely revamp the cooling system and replace the electricity supply.

The PS5''s girth is influenced by heatsinks designed to keep the system''s various components from overheating. Once these are removed, you''ll discover that the motherboard of the PS5 is quite thin. However, those components need to be cooled as soon as they''re ready to go up in flame.

Matt decided to utilize water cooling instead of cutting it here because they require too much headroom for this particular application, so he had to create a custom three-layer water block out of copper to keep everything cool.

Even if a quick polish does not appear as beautiful as something you''d expect from a retail manufacturer, then the cooling loop is air / water tight and that''s all that matters. The SoC got a new coat of liquid metal, and the original bracket was used to hold the plate in place.

A handful of other chips also received spacers to dissipate heat to a separate lid. However, the VRMs required better cooling, so Matt modified the PS5''s original heatpipe to connect it to a secondary liquid channel he made into the copper sandwich water block.

Matt had to overcome another problem was the power supply. Sony mounted the PSU inside the PS5 but doing so would more or less defeat the purpose of the project owing its size. Matt instead went with an external power supply, which is where things became a little less visually pleasing.

Matt placed the computer power supply in a large, rectangular case that also accommodates the radiator and pump of the water cooling system.

Before the cover was all buttoned up and polished, the system was eventually restored and ready for thermal testing to see if it was at least as powerful as a stock PS5. However, a disaster ensued.

Matt inadvertently blocked the radiator intake, which resulted in the system being overheating and seemingly punching the bucket. Fortunately, he had a spare PS5 on hand and was able to do a quick transplant of its internals to get back up and running. This time, he added thermal probes to easily check temperatures at key locations, and there were no issues.

Temperatures with the water cooled PS5 were far superior to those of the stock PS5, but that was to be expected. The chassis, for the first time, was measured in at just 1.9cm (0.75 inches) which is even less noticeable than previously.

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