After a shocking video, The Rock Cut ties with Logan Paul

After a shocking video, The Rock Cut ties with Logan Paul ...

When Logan Paul shared a vlog from the Japans famous suicide forest in 2017, he heard from politicians, influencers, and celebrities to cancel him for the stunt. Logan was particularly sad by the loss of another relationship.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson grew up frequently collaborating with Logan Paul on suicide forest videos. After the suicide forest video, The Rock completely cut connections with the YouTube star. Paul appeared on the True Geordie Podcast, where he discussed how much losing that friendship he suffered.

I was told that after Japan happened, I was trapped in a hole with just the right skills I had never experienced. My anxiety was so strong, and my publicist received a letter, which also repped Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Dwayne has asked that you remove every video and picture you''ve done with him. Perhaps in the future, the relationship may be reconciled, but for now, he basically wants nothing to do with you. Which I understand so well. I made a horrifying error.

The Rock took offense to the film in response to his mother''s suicide when he was only 15 years old. Logan was so sorry that his hero wanted nothing to do with him, but said he understood it. He is hoping that the relationship will be restored one day.

Logan Paul received a hat tip for his performance at the WWE WrestleMania 38. It still appears like a lot of work must be done to complete healing. It''s among the most difficult moments for Logan Paul.

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