Stag Hunts and Friend Zones: Elizabeths von Rittberg and Jamie Blackley

Stag Hunts and Friend Zones: Elizabeths von Rittberg and Jamie Blackley ...

The Starz ''Becoming Elizabeth'' new Tudor drama explains how the show will introduce the queen you know, the girl you dont. Weirdly, Dudley isn''t just shown as her closest friend, but her first great star-crossed love in Becoming Elizabeth. Princess Elizabeth (Alicia von Rittberg) has her Dudley (Jamie Blackley) solid in the friendship zone.

Elizabeth and Dudley are teeming each other, hunt together, and face mischief, but it''s clear that Dudley is not the guy young Liz is pining after.

Ich denke, that the world she lived in was so sad. Von Rittberg told Decider that to have someone she knew from her childhood on is just so valuable and so important and I believe that is what Robert is to her. It''s just like that one friend you have known forever and even though you probably haven''t seen each other a lot, it''s just that familiarity and friendship kind of.

Jamie Blackley said, "They are so, so different," but it almost feels like they''re taking on a journey together of discovering who they are and the world that they are a part of.

Von Rittberg said it''s a friend zone, because she doesn''t know who to trust, but if there''s someone, he probably is as close to trusting someone as possible.

He''s very strong in the friendship zone, but I think he enjoys being someone she trusts. Because they are so close, it allows him to really tell her what he thinks, and he is not afraid to do that because he is no other friend to do. She''s a friend and that''s what he''s there to do, so she''s willing to give her a cry on or a telling off.

On Becoming Elizabeth, there is no romantic relationship between these two, but they have always shared an intimate, hidden moment during a stag hunt. Instead of waiting for the men to finish the stag that shes shot, Princess Elizabeth wants to perform the final kill. Robert Dudley understands why the youngster would prefer this, but he is putting a royals life in danger. This is a serious crime.

According to Blackley, the initial idea was to snatch the dagger away from Robert. But I think we had a debate about it and thought it would be more interesting for that to be a choice of giving in and accepting that. ''I''m gonna be a part of this, too.''

If anyone discovers that Ive given her a lot of work, the stakes of that are so high, then im in such a difficult situation which you may notice at the end when everyone is just clambered around the top of the thing.

Von Rittberg said it was insane. I remember it because we shot it in one and it was so far down in some hole in the woods and we had to go up and down with the camera. It felt so real and it was just a great experience.

I think it just shows how she doesn''t want to be treated as a pawn that you can just take and move around. She wants not only to be a bit apprehensive but to live and experience things. I think that''s also the reason why she wants to fall in love, she wants to experience things, she wants to have something for herself. I think that''s why this scene is so important.

Is it important to the future story of Princess Elizabeth and Robert Dudley? Well, here''s how to keep an eye on Starzs Becoming Elizabeth to discover out.

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