What is Moechella, the concert that is inspired by a go-go music movement?

What is Moechella, the concert that is inspired by a go-go music movement? ...

On Sunday (19 June 2022) at Moechella, a youngster was fatally shot, but what exactly was the event? HITC Researches the Conservatory''s Origins.

On Sunday night, several hundred people gathered in Washington DC for a police statement that it was an unpermitted event. According to USA Today.

The Moechella concert was held on 14th and U Street in Northwest Washington DC, an area historically known as America''s center of black culture. Locals gathered to commemorate Juneteenth, the federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

A 15-year-old boy was tragically murdered and four persons, including an officer, were shot when police arrived at the scene because of a fight and a trampling incident earlier. According to the Washington Post, the motive for the gunfire is unknown.

Coachella is quite different, but what is Moechella, and how did it work?

What is Moechella?

Moechella is a music event held by the Long Live GoGo movement. It''s alleged that Coachella and the Washington DC slang moe are together, meaningstranger or a friend, in the name of son, homie, or bro.

Moechella isn''t held on one date, but it''s not specifically associated with Juneteenth, according to the official Instagram.

To increase awareness of Black music culture and to peacefully protest against gentrification, go-go music is blasted in the streets.

Washington DC is credited as the birthplace of go-go music, a subgenre of funk, and often referred to as hip hop. Although its origins have been continuously popular among residents, it has now increased substantially than ever, due to a noise dispute in 2019.

Moechellas origin explained

After one complaint from a resident of The Shay, a nearby luxury apartment complex, a local Black-owned business in Shaw.

The complaint had the opposite effect as #DontMuteDC subsequently went viral, stating that shortly afterwards, the funk music was back on schedule and expanded all over the country.

The event has now started launching organizations whose names are Make GoGo Forever, Long Live GoGo.

Justin Yaddiya Johnson, the founder of Moechella, was formed.

At least ten Moechella meetings have been held in Los Angeles by Long Live GoGo alone in 2021. Popular magazines selling their books.

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