After walking her down the aisle, Prince Williams made a granny remark to Kate Middletons' dad

After walking her down the aisle, Prince Williams made a granny remark to Kate Middletons' dad ...

When he was given over on their wedding day, Prince William couldnt help himself and made a funny remark to Kate Middletons'' father.

On April 29, 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge, who was told down the aisle by his dad Michael, tied the knot with the future queen.

The two had a spectacular and lavish ceremony outside Westminster Abbey, and millions were tuned in to watch, according to The Mirror.

There was a moment for royal fans to see worldwide that was not caught on camera. It was Wills'' cheeky apology to his soon-to-be father-in-law.

At the wedding, Prince William tried to calm his father-in-law worries.

On the day, Kate, who wore a fantastic Sarah Burton for a wedding dress, had her beloved dad sitting on her side. They walked through the historic buildings of the Abbey side by side.

Michael handed his daughter over to William and fixed her veil, but William made a joke. Its said during the big day that Michael was not alone in his heartache. But the prince tried to calm his fears as 26 million people watched on.

William greeted his bride and father-in-law on the big day, according to Royal author Marcia Moody, who wrote Kate: An Autobiography.

He then jokingly said: ''We should have had a quiet family wedding.''

Were certain Michael enjoyed the thoughtful comment.

At the wedding altar, Prince William and Harry have a delightful moment.

As Kate made her way down the aisle, Marcia recalls a very touching encounter between the two brothers, William and Prince Harry.

Marcia wrote: Harry looked back as Kate began walking down the aisle and reported to his brother. She is right, she is now here.

Harry reportedly said on the day: Well, she looks fantastic. I can tell you how much of it.

After Michael handed the Duchess over, both eyes were on each other, and William told her.

1,900 guests were invited to the event, including prominent names in Hollywood such as Sir Elton John and Joss Stone. The world saw the pair walk out hand-in-hand.

The Duke and Duchess kissed their first time in the Abbey, as their husband and wife were kissed again later (twice, in fact) on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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