Is Fall Guys cross platform? How crossplay & cross progression works

Is Fall Guys cross platform? How crossplay & cross progression works ...

Fall Guys'' free to play launch is just around the corner, and the possibility of crossplay and cross platform multiplayer is also evident, along with cross progression between the PlayStation, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

The mediatonics battle royale has been available on PlayStation and PC for years, but tomorrow will make its debut on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. And, to further commemorate its arrival on Microsoft consoles, there is a Halo themed event planned for June 30th.

Tomorrow, everyone will be able to begin fighting jelly beans to the death, and you will be able to compete with friends regardless of the platform.

Is Fall Guys crossplay?

Fall Guys is a crossplay game that enables multiplayer on cross platforms between PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

When you first sign in, all consoles have a cross platform multiplayer, but you may turn the feature off. As for how online gameplay works, you will be required to create an Epic Games account.

On June 21, you will be able to download a new PS5 version of the game. Everyone who purchased the game on PC or PC prior to the free-for-all release will also receive a Legacy Pack.

This Legacy Pack has a Season Pass for Season 1 and includes a nickname, a nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, and the Feisty Dwarf costume.

Blast Ball is a wonderful addition to our explosive new obstacles.1 Like = 1 Blast Ball thrown at me

Does it have cross progression?

The free to play Fall Guys launch includes a complete cross progression as well as crossplay.

To carry over your progress between the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, you need to complete the following steps: Sign into your Epic Games account. Everything you need to keep an eye on, including all of your outfits and rewards, as well as your quest progress.

Season 1 will have a fresh battle pass for you to push through. This will have 100 levels filled with unique features.

For more information, please refer to the Mediatonics official FAQ.

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