Lara, Bob Sagets' daughter, pays tribute to Fathers Day: She was my best friend

Lara, Bob Sagets' daughter, pays tribute to Fathers Day: She was my best friend ...

In an emotional Fathers Day post, Lara Saget honoured her late dad, Bob Saget.

My dad wasn''t just my father, but he was my best friend, Lara, 32, who shared a throwback photo on Instagram on Sunday.

He wore his heart. He didn''t hide it; he wasn''t afraid of love. My father purportedly wanted to share laughter and love with this world.

Lara admits that it''s scary to love that big as her dad did, especially when it''s possible to be angry, worried, and negative.

My father taught me that it doesn''t matter what life throws, how painful, how painful, and how seemingly impossible, she continued.

It doesn''t stop that love. He chose love, however.

Lara sent her tribute to her followers by saying that she wishes to express gratitude to those who he did.

The love is right here, she wrote. It''s my duty to give it to myself and to share with you by living in love. I love you in infinite ways, dad. Happy Fathers Day.

On January 9, a person in Orlando, Fla., discovered the star of Full House dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton. One month later, an autopsy revealed he died after a seemingly unknown trauma to his head.

After Bobs death, a public statement made about his unconditional love prompted him to take some time to say goodbye.

My dad loved everything he had, and she wrote on Instagram on January 27. He had so many reasons to be afraid to love. Many loved ones kept dropping the body.

She added, "Love completely and be kind." Of all the lessons he taught me, these feel the greatest. With love

Bob and his three daughters Lara, Aubrey, 35, and Jennifer, 29. With Sherri Kramer, his first wife and sweetheart at high school.

Saget married Kelly Rizzo in October 2018.

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