J Cole earns meal for fans after his card was depleted

J Cole earns meal for fans after his card was depleted ...

J. Cole is known as one of the most humbling performers in the music industry. While Cole has been focused on his amateur basketball career for several months, he is still a major performer in the music industry. He is a big name as a rapper, but his heart might match his appearance.

A fan posted a photo to his Instagram featuring J. Cole. The caption stated that he was trying to buy some food. However, the fan card was rejected.

J. Cole spotted the tab and took the time to pose for the photo. The kindness was greatly appreciated by the financially aficionable.

After work, my card decreased, and j cole pays for it, so I decided to get some lunch.

J. Cole appeared on his phone in the picture. Drake is rocking the latest from Drizzy. Honestly, Nevermind, released on Friday.

Most people will never encounter a famous musician randomly like this. Even more people will have the regretting of their credit card being dropped in front of them. J. Cole handled the situation with the same care his fans have received.

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