The Director of Spider-Verse 2 Reveals How The New Villain Compares to Kingpin

The Director of Spider-Verse 2 Reveals How The New Villain Compares to Kingpin ...

The sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be released next summer and will be released by Miles and his co-host this summer.

The Spot was recently announced to feature heavily in the film with Hollywood veteran Jason Schwartzman, who is one of Spidey''s lesser-known antagonists, with the ability to create inter-dimensional structures similar to ink splotches. In the comics, Spot starts as Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, an MIT scientist who works for Kingpin, but after an experiment failed, he becomes the polka-dot-covered supervillain.

While it is unknown how the character will play in the vast plot of Across the Spider-Verse, the filmmakers behind the film have indicated what makes The Spot so special.

Meet The Spot

Joaquim Dos Santos, Justin Thompson, and Kemp Powers, who directed the film, discussed what makes The Spot, a perfect match for the sequel in an interview with

Dos Santos said Spot works as "an awesome sort of opposite to Miles," making a statement that a movie''s hero is only as strong as its "awesome villain"

"Pretty early on we knew the Spot was going to be our main villain. Without an amazing villain who you sort of can understand with their through-line, you dont really have a strong story for your main character. So he''s an amazing sort of opposite to Miles."

Dos Santos said that "it isn''t a matter of effect." Its artistry comes to life, while saying that it''s something that "may only" happen in animation."

"And his living ink really is just, I think weve all been saying, it is not just an effect. Its artistic skill come to life. Its something that can only really happen in animation. So it''s just not going to work. So hes art come to life. Everything goes back to sort of comic books and comic book art."

Powers challenged in saying that The Spot is very similar to Kingpinin that both villains have "such a strong story that was the perfect complement to Miles," despite not being the first names that might come to fans'' minds when thinking of Spidey''s vast rogue. The director said The Spot has "endless potential" from a visual and narrative perspective:

"And similarly is Spot," he said from the beginning, he seemed to have an endless potential, both visually and psychologically. Because you know by the way that he is not wearing a costume, thats his skin. By the way that he is wearing it, you know that his not a guy in a polka dot suit. Thats actually his skin. So you know, the arc of Dr. Ohnn Spot is one that really does complement, without giving away the story, the

On the visual front, Tompson marveled at the work that has taken place to make The Spot appear on screen. He said that the "ink spot techniques" that the designers have developed for the project have taken a year to develop, implying that his "[thinks The Spot]is going to blow peoples minds:"

"One thing I said when we were doing the first movie, I do not want anything to be a cheat." I wanted to encourage a lot of people to go see the movie in 3D in IMAX, all those dots, all those hatch marks, all the ink spots to travel through space and depth. I want them to feel and look and move. "It''s not just about the screen, but also about the fact that they have just seen a teaser," said the author. "It''s

Powers said theAcross the Spider-Versevillain is "a walking effect."If fans have any concerns, he hopes that when they see the film, it will be "just like in the first one," when "you couldnt imagine it being someone other than Kingpin running things."

"It''s so remarkable that [The Spot''s]journey] is complementing Miles''journey in this film, so that once you see it that only line in the first one, you,couldnt imagine it being someone other than a Kingpin running things. I think in this one you will not be able to imagine it being anyone else than The Spot."

It Could Only Ever Be The Spot

Fans expressed a little apprehension when The Spot was revealed to be the main antagonist inAcross the Spider-Manchester. The character does not have the name recognition that someone like the Green Goblin, Vulture, or even Kingpin has. Nevertheless, listening to the film''s directors talking about thevillain, it feels like it could''t be anyoneelse.

With these filmmakers, it is not just about telling an incredible story, featuring some prominent names. They are in fact attempting to actually advance the animated medium. And from the feeling of things, it is exactly what they will do.

One of the things that so many lucked onto was how the visual style ofInto the Spider-Verse directly adapted into the story between Kingpin and Miles. Now they will do everything again, with Dr. Jonathan Ohnn.

While the general film industry has yet to see The Spot in motion, it feels like it''s only a matter of time before a first sight is made public.

On June 2, 2023, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versesses launches into theaters.

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