Fans of Johnny Depp have launched a new deal for Attorney Camille Vasquez following the Amber Heard trial

Fans of Johnny Depp have launched a new deal for Attorney Camille Vasquez following the Amber Heard  ...

Following the favorable judgment in the Johnny Depps defamation trial in early June, his lawyer Camille Vasquez became a media sensation as a result of the lawsuits coverage. A lot of information with Vasquezs faces and remarks has been posted on the internet owing to pro-Depp supporters'' great admiration for the attorney.

The rage over the item has also risen on social media, as Camille Vasquez is expected to represent Depp in a new legal battle. Some of the stuff has sold tens of thousands of units as shown by the ratings they earn in e-commerce websites like Etsy.

Fans have produced articles aimed at the skilled attorney, including numerous materials energizing the legal eagle to candid as the president, as well as applauding her on social media.

T-shirts, hoodies, magnets, and even candles with Vasquez''s name and face are available. Some people believe that being a Camille is a must for anyone who likes to meet the ex-girlfriend.

Vasquezs is very pleased by her supporters, especially with Depp''s trial for Gregg Rocky Brooks.

Clothing featuring Camille Vasquez, the attorney, and her catchphrases from the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial has gone viral. T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and candles, coffee mugs, and acrylic cups are just a few of the items available.

Despite the majority of the t-shirts, Camille is my lawyer, while others call Camille Vasquez for President. During the trial, other topwear included the attorneys popular comments from Amber Heard''s cross-examination.

The most unusual but most unusual item on Etsy depicting the 37-year-old lawyer was a candle that had already sold over 600 units at the time of publication.

Vasquez was described as a genuine saint in the item, which appeared to be a Celebrity Prayer Devotional Parody Candle purchased by a merchant for $14.95. The candle, which retails for $14.95, is almost sold out and has received a perfect 5-star rating from purchasers.

Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar''s Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated).

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