Rainbow Wine Glasses Are My Go-To Housewarming Gift (& They're Under $50)

Rainbow Wine Glasses Are My Go-To Housewarming Gift (& They're Under $50) ...

I am at a stage in my life when my friends are moving into their own spaces, whether it be cohabitating with a significant other for the first time or purchasing a house. And that means a large number of housewarming parties to complete my itinerary. While every invite I receive is sure to bring fun and festivities, it also entails unique housewarming gifts. I can''t go to these parties empty-handed!

The present must not only be something that my friends will actually use, but also one that will not break the bank. Picture going to a housewarming party every two weeks that adds up! Fortunately, my constant slew of homewarming gift ideas has ended: This under-$50 find is now my go-to.

This set of stemless rainbow wine glasses from Something Navy is getting me through a calendar full of bashes. Im always on the lookout for a steal, which is good for the money, as the set includes four glasses for just $48.

These glasses are incredibly striking and feel so special: Each of them comes in a different wash of color, and the gold rim gives them an elegant flare that looks exactly as you desire it. They are also so much more distinct than your average wine glasses.

Many times, my friends will open these on the spot and pour some wine in them to enjoy. They do not even have to be used for wine specific. Personally, I use my own set for Shirley Temples, lemonade, and other non-alcoholic beverages because I dont drink. Their stemless structure makes them endlessly versatile, making it a great housewarming gift.

If the set isn''t a suitable for your new homeowner friends, there''s still a lot more where that came from. Scroll below for more budget-friendly and unique housewarming gift ideas to purchase right now.

A Fragrant Candle

This candle, which has subtle notes of citrus, clove, and green tea, will help set the mood in your friends new living quarters. It comes in a beautiful ceramic holder that is well-known for its floral and lemon charm and a housewarming accessory.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers may not be on the top of the new home buying list, but they will be grateful that they have them when it''s time to eat them for their first home-cooked meal. Made from durable solid oak and glass, these adorable little shakers will fit in perfectly with any kitchen aesthetic.

A Bar Tools Set

If it''s time to grab that housewarming bottle of bubbly or prepare that first batch of celebratory cocktails, this bar tool set will come in handy. With handwoven rattan detailing, it includes such essentials as a bottle opener and a double-sided jigger.

A Tea Pot

Give them a place to unwind their favorite cold beverage. The clean white hue will undoubtedly match any kitchen set-up, and the piece will look stunning whether it be on the stove or a new shelving unit. Allow this with a fancy tea cup to fulfill their ultimate tea party desire.

A Coaster Set

The ultimate goal of anyone is to stain those surfaces with water rings. So this pretty pink set, made from marble, will come in handy. Four coasters are included for their trip so they can stand out while they are on the move.

An Aroma Diffuser

After a rocky few months of moving, there''s nothing new homeowners need more than some time to relax. This diffuser, coupled with a few drops of a popular essential oil, has spread fragrant aromas throughout the air on a continuous time loop. It also has seven mood lights to create the perfect spa-like ambience.

A Google Nest

This Google Nest is a software development platform that allows users to stream music from their devices. It also allows for new homeowners to get organized, since the smart device can assist in managing itinerary and to-do lists. Oh, and it is compatible both with iOS and Android devices.

A Cheese Board Set

With this marble cheese board, you can prepare them for all of their dinner parties in their future. It has protective felt pads at the bottom to prevent scratches to table tops, as well as three gold cheese knives. Bring on the charcuterie spread!

A Pair Of Vases

What''s better than one new vase? Two, however, each of the cylindrical vases in this set have a farmhouse-inspired structure. Give them a bouquet of flowers to really make your friends smile.

A Foodie-Worthy Gift Set

If your friends are hungry, then this unique housewarming gift set includes a sun-dried tomato spread, a porcini mushroom spread, and extra virgin olive oil with authentic Italian black truffle. They will be so happy to use these goodies in their new dishes!

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