You have to stop: A senior Tottenham player has publicly called out for constant diving

You have to stop: A senior Tottenham player has publicly called out for constant diving ...

Chris Sutton has called out Harry Kane for his constant diving, as he has urged the Tottenham forward to stop diving.

The former Premier League champion said it clear that he will not dismiss Kane on this matter, because it is something the Spurs manager is starting to do regularly.

The recent campaign was a tense and drawn-out season, without a doubt, which ended in a terribly bad 4-0 defeat for England against Hungary in the UEFA Nations League.

During the game, the Three Lions captain was accused of going to ground too often or diving inside the penalty area with little contact.

Sutton has publicly criticized Kane for his actions, as he told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport that he is so much better than that.

Harry Kane, you are so much better than Sutton. I will get you up on this.

When you dive, you have to stop diving. Perhaps you are the England captain, but we will call you out, hunt you out, and even cane you Harry Kane.

Stop playing! You are a good player. We believe you are a good player.You are so much better than the diving, which you have done regularly.


Let''s be honest, if Kane wins comfortably at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which gives England a crucial victory, then will those critics care? Absolutely not.

Because he is England captain and is recognized as this model professional, is Kane eligible for a favorable treatment.

Despite his thigh weight last season, the 28-year-old even went through a transition in which he would, in a very clever manner, back into opponents and win fouls.

Sometimes you need those dark arts in your game, but Kane certainly has a few in his sleeve.

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