Johnny Depp claims to be in discord and that it has left everyone in dismay

Johnny Depp claims to be in discord and that it has left everyone in dismay ...

Johnny Depp has been a professional on social media, and the actor has announced that he has a discord server.

Since the defamation complaint against his e Amber Heard has been reached, the actor from The Pirates of the Caribbean has e-mail conversations with his followers.

A couple of fake profiles have been created on this name, which made him appear to be aware of his followers immediately.

Johnny Depp reveals he has discord

Johnny was able to provide a list of social media profiles that he was verified and appended. One of them was Discord. Fans were shocked as some were unaware that the actor had been using the platform.

JohnnyDepp0854 is a producer with Discord. While many are unaware of this, Johnny has been using Discord to communicate with his supporters even before the defamation case took place. Nevertheless, he has not started any new interactions.

Actor warns people about fake profiles

On June 19, Johnny approached his audience and warned them about the bogus profiles of him that had been willing to social media. To ensure that his supporters didn''t follow any of them, Johhny provided a list of his usernames and profiles he is currently on.

What was the actors most recent post?

Johhnys'' most recent email was a thank you to his supporters. He recovered from the support he received during the defamation case and did not hesitate to express his views.

He said to all of my most treasured, loyal and unwavering supporters. We have been everywhere together. We have seen everything together. Now, we will all go forward together. As always, you are my employers, and I am struck down by no way to say thanks, other than by saying thank you. JD. My love and respect.

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