Marlo Hampton accuses Kenya Moore of slept with a half of Hollywood in his RHOA recap

Marlo Hampton accuses Kenya Moore of slept with a half of Hollywood in his RHOA recap ...

During the June 19 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton asked if Kandi Burruss has been a good friend, but Drew Sedora and Sanya Richards-Ross were both dismissed for another rescinded invitation. Additionally, Kenya Moore and Kandi got into it because of the vibrating panties, which led to a wild claim about Kenya''s sexual life. So there''s a lot to get

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Kandi was on the verge of a lot of the drama and thats because quite a few of the ladies were dissatisfied with her. To begin, Sheree still doesn''t understand why Kandi never called her after hearing about Tyrone''s treatment in Philadelphia. Sheree said that if Kandi behaves then she does not want to be friends with her.

Kenya and Kandi get into it over the vibrating panties.

Kenya reassured Kandi that she fell foul of the vibrating panties she requested to wear while she was in NYC. Kandi said that no one was required to wear the vibrating panties, but those who chose to wear them should have felt irritated. Kenya also advised that her husband stop acting as a prude because she previously appeared in a soft-core porn program.

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While Drew and Sanya encountered another tricky time when Drew explained that Sanya was requesting a few of the ladies to Portland, Oregon. Drew, however, wasn''t invited, so she stormed out of a meeting she was having, and Sanya said she and Drew would probably never be friends again.

Marlo had a tough phone conversation with her sister that left her and her nephews in an emotional state. While their mother saw Sheree as on the other line, she began freaking out and throwing a chair at the monitor while she was in jail, so the phone call was short.

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