Bahamas Offers a Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Key Covid News

Bahamas Offers a Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Key Covid News ...

Cruise lines have to comply with regulations not only from the country where their ships ship, but also from the countries where they make port stops. That has resulted in a diverse set of covid guidelines, based on which ports of call a ship visits.

It''s a challenge to communicate with passengers in the early days of Royal Caribbean International (RCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH) - Get Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Report, and other cruise lines returning from their pandemic shutdown rules were constantly shifting. Mask requirements when onboard kept shifting and vaccination regulations took a while to settle down.

Because of the fact that many of the cruise lines visited had varying rules, some ports required families with unvaccinated children to take cruise lines only, while others had mask rules that were more strict than those on the ship. In addition, some ports required an actual health visa for anyone intending to go.

A new level of confusion was created for passengers as a result of the addition of the requirement. There was one set of regulations and protocols to get on the ship, and another (maybe more than one other) set for certain ports. In some instances, this involved filing paperwork before leaving home, which posed an additional cost.

A key covid rule has been dropped by one frequent cruise destination.

Bahamas Ends a Key Covid Rule

In the early days of the epidemic, Royal Caribbean used Nassau, Bahamas, as the main destination for Adventure of the Seas. This enabled people from the United States to travel to the island nation and board the ship for a sailing similar to those that usually arrived from Florida home ports.

Not only was it necessary to produce a negative covid test, but also to apply for a Bahamas health visa. Although ships did not start sailing from the United States once more for people planning to depart for a port day, pre-visit covid testing was still required, but as long as cruise ship passengers were vaccinated, they did not need the health visa.

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The Bahamas has completely changed the requirement for vaccinated travelers, and it has eliminated testing restrictions.

"The Bahamas is adapting to the future of this epidemic." Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper said the newspaper Travel Weekly.

All passengers on cruise ships with 12 and older must be vaccinated, but this does appear to be a first step towards the elimination of the restrictions and perhaps eventually eliminating the requirement of vaccinations.

The Bahamas Still Requires Vaccination Proof

According to Florida''s law, businesses may not require proof of immunization for customers. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian are all coping with this requirement by basically requiring passengers to provide proof of immunization due to the various ports (most notably the Bahamas having a vaccination requirement).

Although he does not get his way, it''s a sort of workaround to calm Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has taken a far-right anti-vaccine approach.

The Bahamas would take the next legal action and remove its vaccination requirement (something it has not suggested is coming anytime soon) then the cruise lines would probably have to follow.

For the time being, the Bahamas'' move has little impact on the cruise industry, but is still a general indication that things are moving closer to normal. If, however, the island nation takes the next step, it may mean that the cruise lines would have to follow unless a change to Florida legislation is made (which appears to be highly unlikely).

For the time being, the Bahamas and other cruise stops with vaccine requirements continue to provide the cruise lines with the cover they need to avoid if they want.

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