According to Maya Jamas, how to style your hair for a festival

According to Maya Jamas, how to style your hair for a festival ...

With Glastonbury, Wilderness, and Wireless events just around the corner, chances are youre already planning what outfits youre will wear. However, festivals aren''t just about what you put on your back. Patrick Wilson, a celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer ambassador, has been enlisted.

When you go to a festival, you want to be relaxed when you soak in the atmosphere; the best way to do this is to wear your hair down. When it comes to festival hair, Wilson says, you really need something that is adaptable and longevity. On day two, you should see that cool girl hair: it is effortless, wearable, and even better.

If you want to shift it up or keep hair off your neck to cool you down, then you may choose a simple up-do. On day two, Wilson continues. Whether you want to add more texture or start thinking about opting for a hair-up, the claw clip has certainly reappeared, too. Be sure to stick with that Pamela Anderson 90s bombshell look, or keep it sleeker like Bella Hadid with a tighter knot at the back.

Wilson is well-known for collaborating with celebrities like Maya Jama and Bridgerton Simone Ashley. He also coined the Snatch Patch ponytail, and recommends the style for those who want your facial features to become shine. It gives the illusion of a lifted silhouette, awakens the face, and does something to the eyes that makeup cant, similar to the way face tape pulls and creates lift in the eye area.

Wilson considers the hair to be beneficial when the base is not too fresh. Day three will be perfect since you can work with the hairs natural oils. Whether you wear it in a pony or in a bun, it must be pulled tight. By employing a hair bungee instead of an elastic band, secure the hair.

A staple in Wilsons festival kit is Sam McKnight''s Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths, 17, for a quick recovery on the go, GHD''s unplugged cordless styler, 239, to create a nice base or soft waves, and Keratase''s Elixir Ultime, 18.81, to nourish your ends and serve as a heat protectant.

Wilson suggests that braiding the hair are appropriate for your textured hair, and that when you have textured hair, curls may be of interest to you. If you have a kinky, coily, or curly hair, then you should go before heading off. This way, youll keep your curls protected and save time when you''re camping.

With this Face Gems Rhinestone Stickers Kit by Outus, we recommend using Easilocks Hair Tinsel Shimmer, 5, or adding hair gems to your baby hairs.

Wilson advises you start your prep at home and ensuring you have the perfect base to wear. Adding a root lifter or a mousse to the roots can really make your blow dry last a lot longer. This is normal where people go wrong. They believe by using a sturdy hold hairspray, you can keep your hair in place all day, but also brushes out with ease.

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Check out our selections below to get your festival done in no time.

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