Apple's Suffers a Major Setback

Apple's Suffers a Major Setback ...

Get Apple Inc. Reportbelongs to the ultra-selectable club of companies worth more than $2 trillion.

In fact, there are only two members in this exclusive club: the iPhone manufacturer with a market capitalization of $2.129 trillion, and Saudi Aramco, the oil giant, with a valuation of $2.257 trillion.

Microsoft Corporation Reportis is now knocking on the door with a valuation of $1.852 trillion.

Apple is now part of a small group of Silicon Valley business owners who wish to join them. After Amazon (AMZN) - Get Inc. Report

According to the union, employees of an Apple store in Towson, Maryland have just decided to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

According to IAM, the vote tally was 65-33.

''''We Did It''''

Towson''s Apple Store is a tiny location inside a mall, with around 110 people voting.

This is Apple''s first attempt, which means that the company will have to negotiate with the union until the National Labor Relations Board has verified the results.

It wasn''t the first Apple Store to try to unionize, but it was the first effort that resulted in a vote.

"In a statement, I applaud the courage shown by CORE members at the Apple store in Towson for achieving this historic victory.

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Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, said he would respect the election results and accelerate the conclusion of a first contract for the dedicated IAM CORE Apple employees in Towson.

Apple had not responded to a request for comment immediately.

Apple Tried to Discourage Workers to Join

This attempt to unionize was opposed by the company.

Deirdre O''Brien, Apple''s head of retail and human relations, had visited the store in May to discuss employees. She had assured that the presence of a intermediary would alter the relationship between Apple and its employees.

According to Vice, I want to start out by saying it''s your right to join a union, but it''s equally your right not to join a union. I want to encourage you to consult a wide spectrum of people and sources to see what it might be like to work at Apple under a collective bargaining agreement.

OBrien insists that Apple is responsive to employee concerns and that a union would make it difficult for corporate officials to address workers'' problems.

Apple reported more than $365 billion in global sales in 2021, claiming that it provides robust compensation and benefits to retail employees, including a minimum wage of over $22.

Members of AppleCORE have campaigned against the IAM. They are requesting that the organization voice its decision on salaries, hours, and safety concerns.

"To be clear, the decision to establish a union involves us as workers gain access to unavoidable rights," said the organizers in a letter.

In recent months, unions have won several symbolic victories in the United States.

In December, the creation of the first union in a Starbucks coffee managed by the United States government enthused enthusiasm, while employees, often young and educated, mobilized in nonprofits, universities, museums, and media.

In early April, Amazon employees from a New York warehouse created a surprise by voting in favor of the establishment of a union, a first for the United States'' e-commerce giant.

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