Del Piero has made a transfer claim to Liverpool

Del Piero has made a transfer claim to Liverpool ...

According to ESPN, Alessandro Del Piero believes that Sadio Mane''s departure from Liverpool for Bayern Munich is a good deal for everybody.

The Italian legend added that this option is primarily because of the fact that it is being with everyone who is learning about it right away.

During the January transfer window, Liverpool signed Luis Diaz, while Darwin Nunez has been withdrawn from Benfica before Mane may touch German soil.

Anfield would have preferred to have kept Mane without a doubt, but whatever the outcome of this arrangement, the club have acted in a constructive manner.

Despite the fact that Del Piero had to say about Mane''s coming to Bayern this week.

The good thing about this transaction is that everybody knows in advance what to do. So, Sadio wants to leave. They talked with Liverpool and everyone was okay about that, and he will be replaced immediately.

The good part of the deal is that some may prefer that player to the other one. But I want to stay with the same players if they perform well. I will not change that much. But it''s a good deal for everybody.


Both Nunez and Diaz will be subjected to a lot of pressure next season, particularly given that greater effort will be placed on them to help them to defeat Manes'' goals.

Diaz has already gained a sense of English football and began off in a pretty impressive fashion winning two trophies for his first six months on Merseyside.

As part of the season''s new footballer, fans will expect him to produce goods more quickly. Nunez, who plays a more key role, also has a lot of influence.

Although Liverpool previously sold Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona and more than moved on, this is different because Mane is a more experienced performer than the now-Aston Villa player, which makes him difficult to replace.

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