Casts of Sex Education and Suspect Join Forces For ITVs New Medical Drama

Casts of Sex Education and Suspect Join Forces For ITVs New Medical Drama ...

In a new medical thriller series titled Malpractice, ITV is leading the way, with a cat-and-mouse chase going on in the midst of a forensic investigation. There''s still a lot to be done before seeing this one, although there''s still a time to go before getting to grips with it. Below, we look back at everything we know so far.

Malpractice plot

Dr Lucinda Edwards (Algar) is a talented doctor who has been hardened and exhausted from her chosen career. Her nightmare starts when an opioid overdose victim, Edith Owusu, dies on her shift.

Despite her medical supervisor Dr Leo Harris (Purefoy) assisting Lucinda, she faces an inquiry into her actions at the request of her Ediths grieving father. Two other doctors are investigating the case: Dr Norma Callahan and Dr George Adjei. Norma is a former colleague of Lucindas, and she believes the death was an unavoidable tragedy, while Norma is concerned about Lucindas'' behavior and her actions.

Lucinda discovers that her relationship with her husband Tom has started to crumble, and her confident, professional exterior also shows signs of cracking. Is Lucinda experiencing stress, or does she really need something to hide?

Malpractice cast

Niamh Algar, the actress we have seen in Deceit, Calm with Horses, Raised by Wolves, plays Lucinda Edwards. She was a huge fan of the BAFTA-nominated director Philip Barantinis'' work, particularly Boiling Point, and was shocked by the Grace Ofori-Attahs script and the team she worked on.

James Purefoy (Pennyworth, A Discovery of Witches, Sex Education) plays Dr Leo Harris, a supportive supervisor of Lucindas, while Brian Bovell (Crime, Strike) plays Sir Anthony Owusu, who, in turn, wishes justice for his daughters'' death.

Norma Callahan and Dr George Adjei star as Helen Behan (Holding, The Virtues) and Jordan Kouame (Megalomania) while Lucindas husband Tom will be played by Lorne MacFadyen (Pistol, Virgil).

Hannah Walters, Priyanka Patel, Scott Chambers, Tristan Sturrock, and Georgina Rich will also play the rest of the cast.

More facts about Malpractice

Grace Ofori-Attah, who had actually worked as a doctor in the NHS for over a decade, wrote the book, which focuses on some of the immense pressures that medical professionals face as part of their profession.

According to Ofori-Attah, the project explores the inevitable pressure cooker that is used when doctors under investigation are forced to second-guess their clinical decisions, justify every action, but maintains the same status as the day job. We hope that having someone on the team with actual medical experience will only aid the show''s immersion!

In and around Leeds, the five-part series is being filmed.

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