Bruce Willis Lievingly Kisses Emma Heming On The Morning Of Her 44th Birthday: Photo

Bruce Willis Lievingly Kisses Emma Heming On The Morning Of Her 44th Birthday: Photo ...

On June 18, Bruce Willis, 67, adorably showed his wife Emma Heming some affection, and shared a series of sweet stories, including one in which her husband gave her kisses on the cheek, to her Instagram story. In the video, the lovebirds sat down as Emma, who wore black framed glasses, smiled to the camera and Bruce gently pulled her in to give her the kisses.

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Birthday morning kisses are absolutely the best, she captioned the video and added a time tag of 6:19 AM. Another video showed several birthday gifts and cards on a table as Bruce sat next to them. Im honored, she captioned it alongside the hashtag birthdaygirl.

In a third video, Emma was getting in a workout before the day started. In the caption, she stated that it was a live birthday workout, as she gave a calm sign to the camera while filming.

Emma''s most recent birthday videos include a fun video of her and her daughters, Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8, having a great time at a beach. The clip was titled "Harry Styles as It Was, and the girls were splashing around in water and a pool, showing off the perfect summer mood. In the caption, Emma wrote.

Emma has shared her happy experiences with her family. Earlier this year, she and her family revealed that Bruce, whom she has been married to since 2009, has developed a condition called aphasia, which causes a loss of ability to understand or express speech. On Monday, she posted a post highlighting how she could manage oneself while also caring for others.

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When everyone gets above your own, no one wins, according to the article. I dont do this perfect, but I am really trying to be the best I can be for people I love and love.

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