In a Rolling Stone CoverStory, Megan Thee Stallion talks about love, anxiety, and triumph

In a Rolling Stone CoverStory, Megan Thee Stallion talks about love, anxiety, and triumph ...

Megan Thee Stallion, a three-time Grammy Award winner, has given her most detailed interview to date in her newest Rolling Stone cover story.

Megan Tee Stallion (nee Megan Pete) talked with RSs Mankaprr Conteh about a plethora of life-changing events that shaped the Houston-born star into the superstar she is today. Combing through her path to success that includes loss, betrayal, love, and resilience.

The reveling discussion begins with a conversation about Holly Pete''s mother and father, and her great grandmother, who died shortly after. She then turns to Tory Lanez, who allegedly shot her in the foot in July 2020, and later advances into the realms of betrayal, loss, and suffering, as well as enduring conversations about her romantic relationship with rapper and vocalist Jorden Kyle Lanier Thorpe, known as Pardison Pardi Fontaine. She also talked about keeping busy with her pen and

I thought we had a real connection, told Rolling Stone about their relationship with Lanez, which she forged during their years of recurring illness. I never thought he would have shot at him at all. I never went through anything to him. There was a conversation. Friends argue every day.

Megan revealed that she was betrayed by Tory Lanez and his friends for allegedly falsifying information to make her look like the villain. She also tuned her back on her wen she needed her most. She said, as my best friend, Megan, how did you meet up with someone [Tory] you saw shoot your best friend? she reflected on the days following the shooting incident. She said, Megan, yall wasnt answering my calls. My back was against the wall. I didnt know what

She added, He told me, Oh, and I''ll never be wrong, but let me do this. And all I know was that from that point on, Megan never said anything else about her entire situation online. In the interview, she revealed that her current manager and former Swishahouse A&R, T. Farris, were among the people she truly trusts in the music industry, and that when her mom trusted Farris, she reassured her. Megan did not hesitate to comment on the video, but

Megan has been in dire rage since the alleged shooting. Despite her continuing mental state, she said, making it difficult for her to believe that her own boyfriend, Pardi, still wants to deal with her through it all, although he is beyond supportive of it.

I appreciate him for being compassionate on me even when I miss out on understanding me. Megan said that I have a lot of anxiety, and I know that im likely depressed on some level. Ill be like, Damn, you really sticking through it? I really want to be good for yourself [Pardi] because I just...I just...I am not sure. So I feel that when you are not loving on yourself right, it''s difficult to get in touch.

Megs'' care for her mother, her last moments with her, and how she made her stronger than she is today. Before her mom''s passing, Holly told her that when she wrote music, she always scratches the first draft for her as long as her mother wouldve scrapped it for her if she was alive. I won''t let you miss this opportunity because you have no choice but to be Megan Thee Stallion. You need to take Farris and yall to L.A. She sadly died

Meg reveals that she still feels forward to her sunset years. Meg humblingly said, I still feel like I''m going to be a lit-ass grandma, she said. However, I still got the good knees! What? I got a lineage of good knees. Its just like my daughter, her daughter, and her young daughter-daughter. It''s just going to be a bunch of us just lit-ass beautiful Black women!

Megan is waiting for a trial to begin in September against Tory Lanez but she has still overcome the challenges she faces in her life today. Look at everything I can accomplish and everything I can do in the face of it. So you should not let anything drag you off your game, either. Because if you can get through this sh*t, you may be able to do so.

On Rolling Stone, the whole cover story is available to read.

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