Anna Chlumsky, who is experimenting with Anna, compares Anna Sorokin to a pirate

Anna Chlumsky, who is experimenting with Anna, compares Anna Sorokin to a pirate ...

Anna Chlumsky believes she knows why people are captivated by Anna Sorokin, a scam artist.

Sometimes, you know, we still want to be entertained, and I think you can betray ourselves by our own limitations, and I feel that there is something to the modern swashbuckler she is, according to the actress, 41, at Page Six exclusively Monday at the American Ballet Theatres June Gala.

I mean, she is even commanding large cars, you know, in the same way that, like, an Errol Flynn would take over a ship. So yeah, I kind of feel like she is a modern-day type of pirate, and thats the character was watching.

Chlumsky appeared in the Netflix miniseries Inventing Anna, which featured a journalist who uncovered Sorokin, a Russian-born German con artist and fraudster who was detained in 2017 for frauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks, hotels, and acquaintances.

Sorokin, 31, was found guilty in 2019 and sentenced to four to 12 years in prison. She was released on parole in 2021, but was taken back into custody by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for owing out overstaying her visa.

Last month, Page Six found out that the wannabe socialite was running her first solo art exhibit, Allegedly.

In a statement to us, the artist explained that this is a collection of sketches I had made while in jail. I wanted to capture some of the past years, both never-before and iconic, by using the limited tools I have available. Some of the sketches are straightforward, others are more abstract, and they will be unique in meaning and appearance.

Chlumsky is a diplomat in his capacity to say whether Sorokin should be deported.

It''s really not my business, but you know, I can''t imagine what''s so bad about going back to Germany, she told us. Anyway, that''s the way I think about it.

One thing the Veep alum appreciates most is that encyclopy stories will always be popular.

I believe that people are fascinated by the nerve other people have, according to she. It becomes almost folkloric for sure.

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