During a concert, Rise Against Frontman Tim McIlrath falls through stage

During a concert, Rise Against Frontman Tim McIlrath falls through stage ...

As fans rock out with the seasoned alternative band, Rise Againstconcerts might be a surprise. That said, Tim proved it.

The rock n roll frontman was hesitant to go into a stage gap, but continued to perform even after that because he is a professional. Some stages may be difficult, but McIlrath admitted that from start to finish.

As he made a follow-up picture for the fall, the vocalist explained in the caption that it took place on June 14th in Budapest, Hungary.

Tim suffered a couple of broken bones and was struck by an abrasion on his chest and arms. During Give It All, he shared an actual clip of him falling into the gap, along with his bandmates'' reactions. He also issued a statement to Loudwire.

I totally walked into the aisle with the lights, then discovered myself trapped in a hole in the stage and speakers. At the time, my chest absorbed the impact, and I didn''t feel it until later. I then squeezed through the speakers and went into the audience to sing with them.

Zach [Blair] and Brandon [Barnes] didnt even see me fall and thought I had gone down there on purpose. Nothing is broken, just bruised up pretty well, so we all had a great time laughing at the video!

The Hurricane Festival in Germany will feature Rise Againsts'' next scheduled performance on June 19. We hope that such an incident will never happen for the safety of the players.

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