In the wake of Disney+ return threats, Marvel's Kingpin actor hits the gym (photo)

In the wake of Disney+ return threats, Marvel's Kingpin actor hits the gym (photo) ...

Despite failing to be directly from Marvel Studios, Networkflix''sDaredevil has long proved to be among the most well-known and highly successful figures in Marvel history. Between the writing, acting, and story, there are many factors that led to the success of the mature series, but among the most important is Vincent D''Onofrio''s Wilson Fisk, who is also known as Kingpin, the big-bad crime manager.

Fans of Charlie Cox''s Matt Murdock appeared in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," but D''Onofrio''s Kingpin was recognized as the big bad ofHawkeyein the same week.

Wilson Fisk was the silent leader behind Mafia''s tracks, the boss of Alaqua Cox''s Maya Lopez, and the one who ordered her father''s murder. As such, Hawkeyeended with Lopez appearing to make an attempt on Kingpin''s life, establishing the stage for her own Disney+ spin-off:Echo.

The next series has just begun production in April, and both Daredevil and Kingpin are believed to be coming back, marking the first reunion of Cox and D''Onofrio under Marvel Studios. Now, despite rumors of his imminent Marvel return, the actor has taken to the gym to get into Kingpin''s shape.

Kingpin Actor Hits the Gym for MCU Return

In a recent Twitter post, Marvel''s Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, and actor Vincent D''Onofrio shared a picture in the gym amid speculation that he will reprise hisDaredevilandHawkeyerole in Disney+''sEcho. Alongside the mirror selfie, D''Onofrio stated: "You''re 63, but who''s counting #NoFearNoGreedNoEnvy."

D''Onofrio has previously been reported to return as Kingpin alongside Charlie Cox''s Daredevil inEcho, which began filming in April. Except when he''s playing his Marvel character, D''Onofrio often has a beard in the picture, indicating that onEchoor has either completed.

How Will Kingpin Fit Into Echo?

The film of Marvel Studios''Hawkeyespin-offEcho began filming on April 21, just under two months ago, and there has not been any evidence of Vincent D''Onofrio appearing on set. However, one expert claims the Daredevil actor will be on set in late May, so perhaps his role has been hiddenly.

D''Onofrio shared frequent pictures and videos of himself on Twitter, and he has continued to show his beard in all his posts since theEchobegan production in late April. So, unless Kingpin has grown a beard since Maya Lopez made an attempt on his life in theHawkeyefinale, then his involvement may be still to begin.

D''Onofrio revealed he had to gain around 20 pounds to achieve the crime boss'' iconic "round face" and yet he now looks to be getting in shape. Although the actor previously explained how this was becoming increasingly difficult to do as he grows older, perhaps Marvel Studios will utilize other methods to create Kingpin''s larger size this time around.

Hawkeye originally started filming in December 2020, concluded in April 2021, before reshooting in September 2021. However, the spin-off might begin filming in late summer or early fall.

If this estimated filming window was to prove appropriate, D''Onofrio and Cox have roughly three months to take to theEchoset to film their scenes. Both flashbacks and present-day may explain how Daredevil ties into things, as he goes up against Wilson Fisk''s criminal empire once more.

WithDaredevil is expected to launch a revival at Disney+, but Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock are expected to make the move. Before then, Charlie Cox''s blind hero is rumored to star in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which will air on August 17.

Echo has yet to set an official release date, but theHawkeyespin-off is anticipated to premiere on Disney+ in early 2023.

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