Warner Bros. has called it quits with Ezra Miller's The Flash

Warner Bros. has called it quits with Ezra Miller's The Flash ...

Warner Bros. has tried its best to bring The Flash to the big screen, giving Scarlet Speedster his first solo film. Unfortunately, after countless delays and personnel changes, the film now appears to be in greater difficulties than previously due to leadstar Ezra Miller''s off-screen issues.

Miller has been at the center of one intense controversy after the other in the last few months, which has all happened since filming for The Flash concluded in October 2021. Most recently, the film''s leading star deleted their Instagram page following a tumultuous memes as a result of alleged grooming, and the situation is becoming more complex later than previously.

For the time being, The Flash''s release has been postponed until June 23, 2023, leaving another whole year until the highly-anticipated solo film will be released for the DCEU fans. However, once the blockbuster does make its way into the public eye, it might be the end for Barry Allen.

Ezra Millers Days as The Flash Numbered

Following the release of The Flash next year, Warner Bros has decided to name the company quits with Ezra Miller''s Flash in the DCEU.

According to an insider, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has simply believed that the Miller scandal will continue to be under the radar until The Flash premieres in theaters in June 2023. Miller, in his attempts to make the company''s DC division as successful as competitors like Marvel Studios, may not be a part of future plans under any circumstances.

This is an inherited problem for Zaslav. It''s probable that the scandal will continue at a low level before the film is released, and there''s hope for the best to come out.

It''s unclear whether Miller or the company will be stepping down, put any Flash-related projects on hold, or whether the entire DCEU will be restarted entirely.

So What''''s Next for Ezra Miller?

In the least conceivable way, the controversy about Ezra Miller might reach a breaking point in the not-too-distant future.

The Flash''s main actor has been jailed twice in the last three months, following the accusations of he drew attention to a 12-year-old actress. This was followed by rumors that Warner Bros. was investigating their choices regarding Miras Barry Allen, although the company completely denied that there was any connection to those reports that week.

If Warner Bros. decides to make any changes in the next few weeks, fans will pay close attention to their public statements. There is no denying that both the studio and Miller are in serious tumbling, particularly with such a significant movie on the screen.

The Flash is still such a long time from its theatrical debut, so the studio will have to have some serious discussions about how to proceed with this particular film and the Flash character as a whole.

While The Flash is Miller''s first solo film after supporting roles in three other films (not counting Zack Snyder''s Justice League), the actor''s off-camera actions may leave Miller no choice on further explorations. There are a few potentially dark days ahead regarding the actor''s future and the DC division.

The Flash is expected to be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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