In Spiderhead, Chris Hemsworth lays the crown as the corporate villain of your nightmares

In Spiderhead, Chris Hemsworth lays the crown as the corporate villain of your nightmares ...

Chris Hemsworth gets a chance to play a villain in Spiderhead, the new Netflix thriller that began streaming on Friday. As it turns out, he is really good at being bad.

Spiderhead, directed by Top Gun, is a dystopian short story about George Saunders'' 2010 Escape From Spiderhead, which you can see in New Yorkermagazine. Hemsworth, the filmmaker, features as Steve Abnesti, a mad scientist who runs a seemingly beneficial prison. Absentis are not forced to eat prison slop, and are permitted to roam the prison grounds as they please. The answer? Human drug trials for some unconstitutional medications.

Absenti, despite being both a prison guard and a researcher, falls into the role of a corporate overlord, keeping his employeesor in this case, inmatesin line with manipulative management strategies and corporate jargon. But don''t worry, he''s super nice about it! He requires his prisoners to pick him by his first name, Steve, after all. Equals. It just so happens that Steve is able to handle every aspect of the lives of his prisoners, including a set of

Here''s where Hemsworth shines, in finding the line between a human being who is evidently charming and who you want to punch squarely in the face. He injects just the right amount of smarm into his voice as he advises Jeff that his not him, Absenti, asking Jeff to do something unpleasant, and that he is the gosh-darn committee. But later, Hemsworth smile fades, as it turns out, when Jeff confronts him. What happened to

Hemsworth uses a special kind of corporate narcissism to get him through through his actions up until his goals. Yet, he finds out about the fact that his ego isn''t just intelligent. It''s also a great sense of humor and charisma. It''s also a genuine sense of humor, which he finds in his words and actions.

While the script never gets together in a satisfying manner, Hemsworths'' impressive performance is enough to keep your interest until the end. We must certainly cast Thor in other harmful roles.

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