Olivia Munn was curious how her body hasnt recovered after her pregnancy

Olivia Munn was curious how her body hasnt recovered after her pregnancy ...

Olivia Munn said on Friday, June 17, that she shared a new video of herself with her son, Malcolm Hiep Mulaney, and that both her Instagram video and her caption were candid about some of the difficulties after giving birth. On November 24, 2021, she and comedian John Mulaney welcomed Malcolm.

Munns reel shows her holding a sleepy Malcolm as she walks back and forth to Billy Joel''s cover of Vienna. Over the top, the actor wrote, My body hasnt snapped back, but it made this little guy so I only have love for it alongside a blue heart emoji. She also admitted that the post partum road is rough, but it''s so worth it.

Munn had racked up more than 130,000 likes in a day, and many supporters expressed their support. In part, Yall are wonderful in every way, and it will subside. Yet another follower replied, You will always be beautiful no matter how long it takes for you to reclaim your self.

Munn shared a memorable video with Instagram about her first Mothers Day as a mom on May 8 highlighting her common conviction that the photo back is bullsh*t and so unreal, as they browse through Instagram and see picture-perfect representations of motherhood. In part, I never snapped back. I''m super happy with it.

Munn''s gratitude for his first six months of life has been revealed in his moments and memories. She said it''s so much fun to get to know him and say goodbye. She shared that he sleeps 12 hours straight a night, wakes up from every nap with a big smile and giggle, and loves being read to, baths, outdoor time, and more.

Malcolm has revealed a lot of different aspects of life with him. When Mulaney visited Saturday Night Live in February, he described life as getting a lot better and happier now, recounted one of their key bonding moments in the hospital, and even touched on his addiction struggle. Through all of the big changes theyve had over the last seven months, Malcolm continues to bring them lots of joy and laughs.

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