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Tesla Announced A Massive Pay Cut

Tesla Announced A Massive Pay Cut

Tesla plans to cut employee salaries due to the closure of production in the United States, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The salary of management, starting with Vice-presidents, will be reduced by 30%, Directors-by 20%, and other employees – by 10%, Bloomberg writes, referring to an internal letter from the company. Wage cuts will also affect Tesla employees outside of the States, the newspaper notes.

Some Tesla employees who are not responsible for key tasks and can not work remotely, will be asked to temporarily not work, they will not be paid a salary, but they will leave their health insurance, according to an official document. The salary reduction will be effective until the end of the second quarter, and the suspension of some employees – until May 4, the letter says.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla employs about 56,000 people. The only factory for the production of electric vehicles is located in Fremont (California), where due to the coronavirus, a home isolation regime is in effect until May 3.

In the United States, there was previously a record daily increase in deaths of COVID-19 – 1736 people. In total, nearly 13,000 infected people died, and nearly 400,000 people became infected over the entire period, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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