Ungrateful: A 25-year-old Arsenal man appears to criticize some Gunners fans with a brilliant message

Ungrateful: A 25-year-old Arsenal man appears to criticize some Gunners fans with a brilliant messag ...

Gabriel Magalhaes has taken to Twitter after Arsenal announced that Eddie Nketiah had signed a new five-year contract.

Instead of expressing the usual congratulatory message, the 25-year-old brawl appeared to criticize some Arsenal supporters for the way they reacted to the news.

Gabriel appeared to dismiss some Arsenal supporters after a few reacted badly to the news of Nketiah leaving the Emirates Stadium.

Ahead of the tweet, the 24-year-old initially thought it was about something else, but he then liked a number of comments promoting Nketiah, which suggests he was aimed at those who were dissatisfied with the news.

Below is a photo of Gabriels tweeting in full, as well as a brief description of his posts.

How can you be so irritated! OMG!

Eddies Contract pic.twitter.com/FtOSKHincq is a fictional character of Eddies Contract.

Evidently, the South American was ludicrous to hear supporters cheer about the Nketiah announcement and decided to leap to his teammates'' defence in an admirable way.

Gabriel, who is angry, can be sure to see it.

Were not sure why some people are defamated about this news.

Mikel Arteta is still waiting for a striker, and he appears to be all too aware of it as he signs for Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus.

If a deal for Jesus had been announced before this news, then Arsenal supporters would have responded better.

Some are irritated by the fact that Nketiah has chosen the iconic No.14 shirt, but if he continues to shine in it, then what''s the problem?

Nketiah netted five goals in the last seven Premier League games to help Arsenal finish fifth.

He has become the all-time top scorer for the Englands Under-21 side with 16 goals in 17 games, breaking a record of Alan Shearers, while his greatest years are still to come at the age of 23.

Arsenal makes a smart move with everything in mind, and Gabriel is at ease to defend Nketiah.

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