What Makes Pokemon GO Battle Day Super Effective Charged Attacks

What Makes Pokemon GO Battle Day Super Effective Charged Attacks ...

The Pokemon Go Battle Day featuring Mankey is currently available to train worldwide, and there is timed research that might be worth completing during the event.

The timed research on fighting will last for the whole day, and that will mean complete a variety of tasks before the end of June 18.

Here''s what we have learned so far about today''s research tasks, the hardest of them all being the Supereffective Charged Attacks.

Pokemon Go Battle Day Mankey Rewards

The June 18 Pokemon Go Battle Day features Mankey, the pig monkey Pokemon, and a number of bonuses you can claim before the day ends. Mankey is being guaranteed to appear as a reward encounter. Those who develop Mankey during the event will also unlock a Primeape who knows the Charged Attack Cross Chop.

Another major draw will be the Timed Research available during the Pokemon Go Battle Day, which includes bonuses relating to XP, Rare Candy, Bea-Style Gloves, and an Elite Charge TM. It should be noted that Trainers who have already received the Bea-style Gloves avatar from the rank 20 rewards will not receive another.

How to Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks

The full list of tasks can be found at the bottom of this article, revealing every activity that needs to be completed as part of today''s Battle Day Timed Research. However, one of the challenges most trainers encounter is using 10 supereffective charged attacks, which can be trickier to pull off during Battle Day. The following is a list of Pokemon types that you may see below, giving you a sneak peek at how to get started.

One component of mastering the art of Trainer Battles is understanding how the types of Pokemons moves affect the Pokemon you are fighting. Here''s a graph that reveals which types are super effective vs. which Pokemon. Good luck and #GOBattle! pic.twitter.com/gJJwRVcTsI

After selecting a group of Pokemon you believe will have the best chance of performing a supereffective Charged Attack, you will then need to use the right Pokemon vs the appropriate opponent and build the energy necessary to do it. In a battle, you can check whether an attack is strong or weak, while weak attacks are not very effective.

Fire-, Ground-, and Ghost-type Charged Attacks are currently taught in Alolan Marowaka Fire- and Ghost-type Pokemon that frequently appeared in Great League battlescan.

Water-, Ground-, Rock-, and Ghost-type attacks are all super effective against Alolan Marowak, so opponents may include Pokemon of these kinds on their teams. But if Alolan Marowak knows a Fighting- or Ground-type attack like Rock Smash or Bone Club, an opposing Rock-type Pokemon would also receive superior damage, thus you may challenge the opponent twice about which Pokemon to bring them into the fight.

For the Battle Day on June 18th, there is a time to research.

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