Is Gods Favorite Idiot re-imagined for HBO's Season 2?

Is Gods Favorite Idiot re-imagined for HBO's Season 2? ...

Is Melissa McCarthy the star of an apocalyptic workplace comedy?

You may have discovered a new favorite show from the start. Gods Favorite Idiot isnt going to be for everybody. It''s an acquired taste, but if it ticks the boxes for you personally.

The series, directed by and with Ben Falcone, tells the story of Clark, a man who is struck by lightning from a mysterious cloud. After the incident, he discovers that he has the ability to glow and speculation soon turns to god.

When an angel contact Clark, a suspect is confirmed, warning him that he must prevent the Apocalypse from killing humanity.

It''s an imaginative form that has left viewers fearing for more. Inevitably, thoughts have turned to Gods Favorite Idiot Season 2.

Is Gods Favorite Idiot renewed for season 2?

No, Season 2 of Gods Favorite Idiot has not been renewed on Netflix, but you''ll be surprised to learn that season 1 is actually divided into two segments.

The first part of the season was composed of eight episodes, and fans can expect a second batch of eight episodes to run on Netflix before coming to its conclusion.

Deadline reports that the crew planned to complete all 16 episodes together, but production was unhalted, and they were only capable to complete eight episodes. However, fans can rest assured that there will be more episodes on the way.

The cast has already been paid for the whole season, so the rest is essentially locked in and a matter of waiting. As of yet, a release date for the second half of the season hasn''t been confirmed, but we expect it to arrive later in 2022.

A second season of research has been made, although no information has been established under the circumstances.

The fans want more

With another batch coming, it''s safe to say that many users will be over the moon. Plenty have already hopped onto Twitter to express their hopes for more.

Check out a selection of tweets:

We need Season 2 of #GodsFavoriteIdiot I love this post.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are pure magic only they can give me the emotions I have rn and they are all excellent fantastic work,once again!!!

More of #GodsFavoriteIdiot is required.

In the meantime

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The streaming of Gods Favorite Idiot is now available on Netflix.

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