Why is Spiderhead rated R? Netflix age rating explains

Why is Spiderhead rated R? Netflix age rating explains ...

Joseph Kosinski has returned to Spiderhead as the director of many previous films as Tron: Legacy and Oblivion.

Top Gun: Maverick, the critically acclaimed sequel to Tom Cruise, has become a box office sensation. Instead of having to go to theaters for his latest films, viewers may come back on the sofa and watch the sci-fi thriller on Netflix.

The film "Child Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller," whose filmmaker collaborated with on Maverick, tells the tale of two inmates who form a connection while trying to grasp their pasts inside a skilled prison.

The star-studded cast and the enticing concept are sure to encourage many to check it out, but it''s not exactly one for the kids. So, why is Spiderhead rated R?


Why is Spiderhead rated R on Netflix?

Spiderhead has been awarded an R rating for violent content, language, and sexual content in the United States.

In the United Kingdom, the film received a 15 rating.

Age Rating Juju claims that the film is rated R for a number of more specific reasons that parents may wish to take into account.

Throughout the film, a number of sexual references and passion kissing scenes are highlighted, while scenes of violence and hand-to-hand combat are also depicted in the film.

Due to the nature of certain violent episodes, there is some blood on display, and there is a scene dealing with suicide that may be depressing.

There is also some hoaxing language, including depictions of drug abuse and alcohol consumption.

Im just as excited about a story like this

Coming Soon, filmmaker Joseph Kosinski talked about the success of Top Gun: Maverick, and why we need films like Spiderhead:

I like filming. It''s fantastic to see how good Top Guns was received and it''s relocating people back to theaters, but im also excited about such a story that is so unique and different, which is not based on any existing IP.

I believe that being able to tell a wide range of stories is equally important to our company.

Here''s 17 seconds of deep-worse Chris Hemsworth''s remarks, allowing you to see what happens in the other 1 hour 46 minutes and 43 seconds of his new film, Spiderhead. Now on Netflix pic.twitter.com/jfk0kFZ6Qf

An ensemble for the adults

Although Spiderhead isn''t the ideal for kids, the central cast is certain to be championed by experienced viewers.

Check out some of the performers'' roles and their respective roles below:

Spiderhead is available on Netflix exclusively.

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