What happened on July 4th 2016 and who is Steezy? Kevin Durants' tweet has been cited

What happened on July 4th 2016 and who is Steezy? Kevin Durants' tweet has been cited ...

After receiving a lot of outrage from fans, American professional basketball player Kevin Durant has broken his silence about the Golden State Warriors NBA Finals victory against the Boston Celtics.

The actor deleted a shady tweet on social media when it claimed that his father was going to die: I was stunned by how many times he died since July 4, 2016 before congratulating his son, Steezy, a Fillmore star.

Let''s look at the meaning behind these cryptic remarks. What happened on July 4th 2016 and who might he be referring to by Steezy?

Kevin Durant fires back at fan backlash

Kevin Durant, 33, has recently been the subject of a lot of disrespect from Golden State Warriorsfans.

TheGolden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 103-90 on Saturday 16th June, and they will now play in the 2022 NBA finals. Many supporters have said that Kevin Durant never needed them to win rings.

One fan on social media claimed that Kevin Durants'' legacy had died, and added that he will be known as the guy between Harrison Barnes andAndrew Wiggins.

My boy, a Fillmore legend, was waiting his entire life for a market parade, which he continued to congratulate the dubs.

My son, Steezy, a Fillmore legend, was waiting in his whole life for a market parade since July 4th 2016.

After their victory, Kevin Durant had not congratulated the Golden State Warrior, formerly known as the Dukes, on social media. Many supporters are grateful to see him show his respect for his former team.

How do you feel to not be loved by any of the fans of the team you won back-to-back championships with, tout because you couldnt help yourself by throwing shade at everyone in the organization when the opportunity vented?

Durant enacted his views, claiming that he was not the person who wrote it.

Love will destroy us.

https://t.co/Bs6eWzloQp: Love will be me killed.

Some fans believe that he might be referring to Kendrick Lamars Pride lyrics:LovesGonnaGet You Killed

What happened on July 4th 2016?

Yardbarker claims that he has died since the July 4th of 2016 and that he was talking about the date he made his infamous decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Speculations surrounding Steezys identity

When Kevin Durants signed for the Warriors, he suggested his legacy had died.

Congrats to the dubs and my son Steezy, a Fillmore legend, who was waiting his whole life for a market parade.

In a Reddit thread, a user asks about Steezy''s identity, and speculates on who it is.

Fillmore is a historically black area in San Francisco (before a lot of gentrification) so that he can discover a guy named Steezy from this area who is a huge Warriors fan.

Kevin Durant is likely to be just interested in being present at San Fransisco (on Market St.) rather than in Oakland, according to the user.

As the tweet suggests, some thought Steezy might be American professional basketball player Stephen Curry. This was debunked when a fan noted that he is not from the Fillmore area of San Francisco.

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