The cast and fans of Lightyears' quirky meat sandwich scene are reacting

The cast and fans of Lightyears' quirky meat sandwich scene are reacting ...

We expected that going in the Lightyear would lead us to infinity and beyond, but we did not see that happening.

Lightyear, a spin-off of the popular Pixar franchise developed by Angus MacLane, has given to Toy Story fans a special treat this June.

Andy''s favourite film has enthused him to request a Buzz action figure for his birthday. Lightyear is the film that the game weve discovered over four films based on.

Chris Evans has voiced this video and is tasked with rescuing humanity on the planet TKani Prime from the dangers of his iconic nemesis Zurg.

Toy Story enthusiasts must assemble a lot, but a fresh, lighthearted concept has required our attention. Could there be anything other than a Lightyears meat sandwich?

The meat sandwich of the future is unveiled in Lightyear.

Buzz and the gang are making progress on their mission, moving closer to Zurg.

Mo (voiced by Taika Waititi) discovers a vending machine and obtains some meat sandwiches before the machine falls over the edge.

Buzz commences his quest to discover that sandwiches aren''t exactly the same as he remembered.

The filling/meat itself is on the outside, and the bread contents are a single piece. This is a contrast to the regular sandwich, if you will. This opens a hilarious debate between the two people as they argue which is better, past or present.

Buzz is the odd one out in his opinion, and it was enjoyable to see that the discussion has expanded beyond Lightyear and onto Twitter.

The fans have some thoughts

Quite a few people have wasted no time hopping onto Twitter and expressing their views on the alternative method of snacking.

Some have even reached out to the cast to ask if they have used it for themselves!

Check out a selection of tweets:

Lightyear is a fantastic film the sandwich part with live with me a long time #Lightyear

#lightyear was amazing! Definitely going to try and make an inspired sandwich tomorrow! Sox was so cute! The animation was fantastic, and of course I cried!

#Lightyear was fantastic! My expectations were high and I was still completely disappointed. I need that meat bread meat sandwich in a Disney park ASAP!

I think it''s a good idea to say that Lightyear is about sandwich ontology.

Give me the meat sandwich

After discussing the theme park at Disneyland, Chris Evans and his co-star Keke Palmer (who voice Izzy Hawthorne) discussed the meat sandwich.

Im going for a Lightyear ride, so we already got our Buzz ride in Disneyland, and my aim is to have a food place, according to Keke.

Give me the meat sandwich. I love a beverage, but I am curious to have a local restaurant next door that serves meat sandwiches.

Keke is also passionate about the idea, but also Chris. When she chatted with Heat, Keke said she loves the lack of carbs, with Taika Waititi saying, he''s already taking the top layer off his plate.

Disney wants to see it happen!

Lightyear is now available in only theaters.

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