As the Logan Paul collab arrives in the United Kingdom, where can we buy KSIs Prime Drink?

As the Logan Paul collab arrives in the United Kingdom, where can we buy KSIs Prime Drink? ...

KSI, a British musician and content inventor, has combined with Logan Paul to create their Prime drink. Social media stars previously shared their foes with them and collaborated on a sports drink that was first available in the United States.

On 17th June, internet execs made a visit at an Asda Superstore in Watford to launch Prime in the United Kingdom. They were greeted by crowds of people eager to enter the product.

Find out where to buy KSIs Prime Drink as the crazy-successful collab has now launched in the United Kingdom. Discover the variety of flavours, price, and ingredients.

In the United Kingdom, a KSI and Logan Pauls collab are launched.

For the second time in the boxing ring in 2019, KSIandLogan Paulface each other, but the pair put their past behind them when announcing a business product collaboration on 4th January 2022.

Prime Hydration has reached the United Kingdom after achieving a record-breaking success in the United States.

On 17th June 2022, the creators planned meet-ups at Asdastores inWatford and Leyton, which had large crowds attended both events, and the second event was canceled by the supermarket, according to The Mirror.

KSI joined Paul, a business partner, in his hometown, with their popular appearance at Watfords Asda Supercentre to create the product.

Where to buy Prime Drink in UK

Prime Hydration is now available in the United Kingdom. At Asda Stores nationwide, you''ll find the boxing stars energy drink.

Thank you to everyone! #drinkprime #PRIME

Prime drink is also being sold in packs of 12 online, according to the flavour. A pack of 12 costs 24.99, putting the bottle at an all-time high.

Shop the fruity flavours

The founders on the Prime Drink website reveal that their aim was to create a fantastic hydration drink that can nourish any lifestyle.

Logan Paul claims to have uncovered that their drink is made up of 10% coconut water and has an electric dose of 825 milligrams.

Prime comes in five main flavors: Blue Raspberry, Orange, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Grape.

Ice Pop, a new limited-edition flavour, was announced on 11th May 2022 by the producers.

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