WATCH: In 2022, Emme Muniz will become all grown up as JLo and her daughter rock the stage

WATCH: In 2022, Emme Muniz will become all grown up as JLo and her daughter rock the stage ...

Jennifer Lopez and Emme Muniz, her 14-year-old daughter, performed recently at the Dodgers Foundations Blue Diamond Gala in Los Angeles.

Two years after their Super Bowl performance, the mother-daughter duo were joined by Shakira.

The videos from the June 16 gala have gone viral on the internet, and enthusiasts are swooning over Emmes singing.

At the 2022 Dodgers Gala, JLo and his daughter Emme Muniz perform.

JLo knows how to make a crowd fall asleep. It''s exactly what the 52-year-old drummer did at the Dodgers Gala.

She was the subject of all attention.

Christina Perris'' mother-daughter vocal instrumental of A Thousand Years was rocked by a verse from Bruce Springsteens born in the United States.

Despite Emmes'' changing appearance, she was quite noticeable.

Compared to the last time we saw her in 2022, the teen wore a pink oversized shirt and shorts at the gala. Emme also wore a black hat and matching them with her boots of the same color.

The last time we saw Emme perform on stage was at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime when she was 12 years old. She donned a cute white dress with a golden belt and put her hair up in a tight bun.

Emmes'' pictures from 2022 include her sporting short hair.

After seeing the mother-daughter duo, supporters are concerned.

After seeing JLo and Emme rock the stage in LA, fans were touched. Here''s how a few of them reacted on Twitter, following the mother-daughter pairing.

When Emme Muniz begins singing, I''ll just know ima be a fan of her.


A well-rounded double header. We have seen you and your mother sing together, and emme and you together. Perhaps the three of you sing together next time. Loved the colors of both of your outfits.

JLo shares Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony

Emme and her twin brother Maximilian David Muniz have been shared with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Between 2004 and 2014, the pair married for ten years.

In 1998, JLo met Marc. The two reportedly got to talking backstage at a Broadway show and became friends.

For the hit single Contra La Corriente, she appeared in Marcs'' video.

Before becoming a Marc member, JLo met Sean Combs and Ben Affleck.

After Marc''s separation from his first wife Dayanara Torres, the two fell in love and JLo swam. Ben Affleck.

In 2004, they tied the knot.

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