Fans of Johnny Depp's Furs rendition of Venus are enticed by the fact that Johnny Depp's fanbase is

Fans of Johnny Depp's Furs rendition of Venus are enticed by the fact that Johnny Depp's fanbase is ...

Fans of Johnny Depps are on the verge of being on the moon as he shared the visual for his version of Venus in Furs with Jeff Beck. It is now available on YouTube.

Since 2019, the duo has combined forces to create some fantastic pieces. Only days after the jury had delivered the verdict of the defamation trial between Johnny and his former wife Amber Heard, the pair announced their collaborative album 18, which is scheduled for the 15th release.

If you haven''t heard the track yet, please do so right after reading it as fans are completely obsessed with it!

Johnny Depp shares Venus in Furs visualizer

On his Instagram stories, Johnny shared the visualizer for Venus in Furs before the songs'' release. It is based on pencil sketches.

At the time of writing, the complete song, which is now available on YouTube, has received over 35,000 assays.

Lou Reed directed Venus in Furs for the album The Velvet Underground and Nico. Jeff and Johnny have agreed to compose their own version of the 1967 song, which they have struck the chords with the listeners.

On Jeffs'' official YouTube channel, you may listen the complete song.

Venus In FursOut Now

Jeff Beck met the actor in 2016

Johnny is not new to music but when he met Jeff, the pair clicked instantly.

According to Jeffs'' official website, they reportedly bonded on cars and guitars in 2016 and spent the majority of their time together trying to make each other laugh.

In 2019, they started recording music together, and since then they have recorded a mix of Johnnys idioms and covers of several popular songs.

Jeff talked about developing music with Johnny, saying, "When Johnny and I started playing together, it increased our youth''s spirit and creativity. We would joke about how we felt 18 again, so that just became the album title."

The 13-track album, which features 18 tracks, will be available on CD and digitally, with a 180-gram black vinyl version expected to be released on September 30 this year.

Fans will not be able to stop talking about the incredible track.

As fans cannot stop talking, Twitter is filled with praises for Johnny and his vocals in Venus in Furs.

One said that, instead, lets all talk about Venus in Furs, which is rather amazing.

Another tweet was added: Jeff Beck and JD starred in Venus in Furs, the guitarriffs!

A NEW BATTLE FOR #VenusInFurs IS LISTENING TO IT. His voice is like a single malt scotch and leather jacket with velvet lining, writes an impressive fan.

Another tweet read: Their version of Venus in Furs is so, SO amazing. It''s ruffling around my bones, too.

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