Fans debate the final weeks of the Tarkov Wipe as part of the escape

Fans debate the final weeks of the Tarkov Wipe as part of the escape ...

The Tarkov wipe from Escape is a huge event in the game and comes with its own big changes for those who are waiting for new content.

While there will be plenty of things to do and leveling to keep an eye on, Battlestate Games has not announced when the big reset will take place.

They have identified what to look out for and what they will be the earliest indication that the Escape From Tarkov Wipe will take place.

You Cant Handle The Wipe

The Escape From Tarkov Wipe has been confirmed in its latest round of updates and Twitch streams. This announcement comes with no release date and asks fans to stop asking the same question repeatedly. However, the team is ready to start talking about other things but cannot do so until everything is in place for the next EFT wipe.

Nikita Buyanov, the Battletstates player, explained in a recent Twitch stream: Yes, the Wipe will be soon, there will be a Wipe, but please stop posing this question.

The good news is that Battlestate has verified what fans should be looking for to know when things will start to rock and roll in the game. According to Battlestate, the most promising indicator for an incoming wipe will be the special in-game events that start to pop up. This can include different boss events happening and Labs going free in the build-up.

The pre-wipe events may be different time around, with more content coming to the game as part of the next Escape From Tarkov patch. This will be available for download and install after the upcoming server reset, adding new locations and weaponry to the popular shooter. The Lighthouse area is being expanded, and although the building itself will not become accessible, this will be a later date in the year.

Battlestate has also confirmed that new roaming bosses will be added to the game following the next Tarkov reset, alongside the 338 bolt-action rifle and the Benelli M3 tactical shotgun. Despite the announcement, fans have also shared what they have planned when it comes to the final weeks of gameplay. Here are a few suggestions being made by Reddit:

Run overpriced things like the tx15, the mutant, and kit out weapons that look cool and not based on statistics, don''t even use the scar or sa-58, the 7.62 mdr is badass, cosplay as factory ninja, try to kill sanitar with m995 or igolnik.

I believe that not doing funny things is more enjoyable than buying the most expensive kit until you get burned. Fill a pack with food, set up a shop in a hot spot, and begin shouting out over VOIP Tushankas here! Get your ice cold rat colas! like a carnival vendor. Barter for whatever you need.

Build a meta mutant and proceed to raid with a spare ammo but no magazines. Youre breech-loading every round and dying a lot thus losing your stash quickly.

Going to have a backpack full of grenades.

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