Watergate's purpose was to be a spectacle, and Richard Nixon was a Democrat?

Watergate's purpose was to be a spectacle, and Richard Nixon was a Democrat? ...

The infamous Watergate incident took place on June 17, 2022.

After many disturbing statements about Watergate erupted in the following years, the world was shocked. President Richard Nixon''s death was preceded by an impeachment trial.

Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were at the forefront of media inquiries into the topic.

What was Watergate all about?

The Watergate is a series of scandals involving former United States President Richard M. Nixon''s administration.

In 1972, the beginning of Nixon''s presidency started with a break-in at the United States National Committee (DNC) headquarters.

The identities of the thieves were later revealed, and four out of five were former CIA personnel. The fifth person was reportedly James W. McCord Jr., the Secret Service''s nominee.

President Nixon resigned after two years after the break-in at the DNC headquarters was discovered. Despite several charges against him and his administration, the pair were accused.

Was President Nixon a Democrat?

Richard Nixon was a Republican between 1969 and 1974, when he was 37 years old.

During the Dwight D. Eisenhowers administration, Nixon had previously served as vice president.

Deputies include a former US ambassador to California and a former US Senator.

A look at the events timeline

Five men were detained at the DNC headquarters in Washingtons Watergate on June 16 to 17. 1972.

The men were identified as plumbers, but later they were found to be equipped with photographic and recording equipment.

Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein name Nixons ally James McCord as the fifth burglar. At the time, the reporters claimed that the break-in was linked to the White House, but Nixon denied that their involvement.

In October of the same year, Bob and Carl claimed that the White House could have re-elected Nixon, posing a spying and political sabotage scandal.

Some of these statements were based on what their source, which famously named Deep Throat, had leaked to them. 30 years later, it was revealed that Deep Throat was none other than the former-FBI Deputy DirectorW. Mark Felt Sr.

Despite the controversy, President Nixon was re-elected on November 6 following his victory against Republican George McGovern.

In 1973, the Democratic senators established a committee to investigate the 1972 electoral campaign. The hearing was broadcast live.

Soon after Attorney General Richard Kleindienst and two Nixon assistants, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, resigned, John Dean, a third assistant, was fired.

Dean appeared before the jury, alleging that the President was aware of the cover-up of the burglary. He also accused Nixon of having invested nearly a million dollars to keep the perpetrators silent.

A member of the White House told the committee that the Oval Office was packed with hidden microphones.

In 1974, the House of Representatives'' Judiciary Committee established a hearing with the intent of impeaching Nixon.

The President of the United States announced his resignation on August 8, the first time.

On September 8, President Gerald Ford of the United States granted Nixon a full and unconditional pardon.

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