Is Alinity really pregnant with the Mizkifs baby, defamised?

Is Alinity really pregnant with the Mizkifs baby, defamised? ...

Alinitys'' very wreaking photo on Twitter didn''t just catches Mizkif off guard, but fans were surprised that the streamer had a bun in her oven.

Alinity had previously made a similar joke on Mizkif when she told him on a stream that she was pregnant and didn''t know who her father was.

In 2022, let us tell you that the streamer will not be pregnant.

Alinity shows off fake baby bump

Alinity mailed twitter followers into a hawtif today (June 17) by posting a picture of herself sporting a full-grown baby bump.

The post gained immense attention as other notable streamers and internet individuals shared their reactions to the false pregnancy news.

Susu tweeted: Can I have the placenta? while OTK shared an animated picture of Alinity and Mizkifs'' imaginary child.

In response to the Alinity article, Mizkif, who was shocked by the news, sent a row of question marks.

Alinity described him as her father in the following tweet.

No, the streamer isnt pregnant

Alinity isn''t really pregnant. She has previously admitted to trolling Mizkif with the same jolt.

Alinity told Mizkif during a chat from May 2022 that she was pregnant, only to get him to respond.

Alinity replies: "I''m just trolling" just when fans were worried about her, and Mizkif asked her to swear that she wasn''t joking.

Unlike the baby bump she shared today, none of the most recent Instagram photos shows any signs of pregnancy.

Alinity posted a photo next to a pot two weeks ago, but there was no hint of a bun in the oven in the picture. Theres no way she might have gone from that to having a fully-grown baby bump in a couple of weeks.

It is also evident that Mizkifs was putting her foot once more.

Mizkif previously dated Maya

While Alinity and Mizkif haven''t identified each other as anything more than friends, they both developed a connection with Maya.

Mizkif and Maya were among the most popular couples on the internet, and their relationship sparked millions of people''s attention. They seemed to be going strong, and many even anticipated a wedding at some point in the future.

Mizkif reveals in a note on TwitLonger on September 15, that he and Maya had decided to go together as they wanted to focus on their individual lives.

We want you guys to know that Maya and I have decided to split up. We both wanted to be clear that there was no event, no cheating, no drama that helped lead to this decision. We both decided that this is what we need for ourselves in our future lives.

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